17 brick wall features to tickle your fancy!

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Brick is one of our favorite materials to use when it comes to home building and design.

Brick walls bring an industrial, modern and chic look and feel to any exterior or interior space and can be used in just about any room, from the bedroom to the bathroom to the living room. We will also see just how fabulous it looks when used for the facade. There are also so many styles to choose from, which means that no matter what look and feel you are going for, you can use brick to enhance it. 

As we explore these 17 fabulous options, you'll fall in love with brick and see how it's raw elements and rough design can really bring texture and tone into the home. You'll also see how top professionals from around the world make the most of this underrated material.

The best part? It's cheap too!

1. Use contrasting brick colors, shapes and tones for a dramatic effect in the living room

2. Match your exterior brick walls with the interior brick walls for a very homely look and feel

3. Darker toned brick walls work beautifully with lighter furniture

4. Follow the red brick road to a beautiful and colorful design full of personality and charm

5. Use darker and lighter red bricks for a more textured look

6. Combine with wooden materials for a beautiful, homely space packed with raw materials

7. Add an industrial chic look and feel to your bathroom by including brick

8. Give your office space a trendy look and feel with brick walls

9. White brick adds a minimalist and sleek look and feel to any living space

10. Illuminate the niches in the walls by combining smooth plastered walls with rough brick

11. Or use it in a large niche, bringing a 3D effect to your wall

12. Add some life and color into a room with bright, vibrant bricks by painting them

13. Illuminate your brick walls with wall lighting, highlighting the detail and design

14. Combine white brick walls with bright patterned furniture for a very refreshing look and feel

15. The facade can take on a very unique look and feel with brick, especially if it's combined with glass and stone

16. Pair brick walls with shelves and mirrors for a very effective and beautiful interior design

17. Add black tiles to the bathroom for an edgy and minimalist look and feel

If you've enjoyed this ideabook, you'll love this beautiful brick home with a stairway to heaven.

Would you use brick for your home? Tell us about it in the comment section! 

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