6 mistakes to avoid for the perfect living room

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A perfect living room is one that reflects your lifestyle, your habits, your personality and your preferences. It is the room in your home which you want to present to your friends and family in the best possible light so of course you want to make it as comfortable and cozy as possible. We've put together some ideas on what to avoid when decorating and arranging your living room so that you can create a space that is enjoyable to be in. 

Let's take a look at these creative living rooms. 

1. Color disaster

It sounds easy, but it is not. If you are lucky enough to have good taste an aesthetic sensibility you always want the best results. But if you would rather hire a professional such as an interior designer to achieve something extra special, then this image is a perfect example of color gone right! We have a wonderful display of neutral tones coupled with splashes of color from the cushions. Nothing is over-the-top and we have started with a neutral base color and the rest of the colors follow. So keep it simple, but add some color too. Style and elegance is guaranteed. 

2. Poor furniture organization

There is nothing worse than purchasing new furniture to realize there is no place for it to go. The best thing to do is to sketch your living room out so that you can organize each piece before it's too late. Do the same with walls, smaller items and rugs. Try to do a sketch from a bird's eye view. 

Planning is crucial, so if you have a small living room and you want it to feel bigger, take a look at these 15 ways to make your living room appear massive!

3. The TV is not perfectly centered

If you are going to put a TV in the living room, do not hide it. The TV must be in front of your sofa, nowhere else. Never put the TV on the side or in a place that has no central vision. In his image, we see an ideal distribution of a living area, with a perfectly central sofa facing the TV.

4. Excess furnishings

If you love to have a whole lot of unique objects scattered about your living space, then there is a foolproof trick to follow so that your living area doesn't become too excessive. Use white for walls and ceilings so that you give the room color a solid foundation—from there you can decorate as you please without the risk of losing good taste. You also don't want to overload on styles and colors for the furnishings, but choose ones that go particularly well together. 

5. Incorrect lighting

What is right and what is wrong? Well it's very relative. But if we define the living room as a place of rest, fun and relaxing, we will certainly agree that subdued lighting will facilitate such favorable conditions. While the overhead light and ceiling lamps are a classic solution to which we are accustomed, we can also consider other less widely used solutions, such as using indirect lighting: wall or ceiling, or floor lamps in the corner. This will allow you to generate a variety of effects, all very relaxing. Also, never forget to have candles at home, they will create a unique atmosphere in your living room for special occasions.

6. Don't choose furniture that can't be moved

As we said earlier, the living room is a reflection of your lifestyle and taste. Taste can change—and by having furniture that is over-sized and can't be moved, you are making a commitment to a particular style or taste. So choose wisely.

In any case, it is clear that furniture must be practical, functional and above all proportionate to your living space. The most important thing is always comfort, whatever style you choose.

Does your style and taste change?

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