Ideas and secrets to reduce the humidity in your home

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Knowing how to prevent and tackle excess humidity in your home could make all the difference when it comes to damp problems and your health, so make sure you read all our top tips and put as many as possible into practice! Any ventilation professional can tell you how vital the right moisture levels in your home are, so if you've noticed some problem areas developing in your bathroom or are about to start a new home build, make sure you get these words of wisdom memorized, quick smart!

1. See to your ventilation.

Bathrooms are the most likely rooms to really suffer with humidity issues, so be sure that you have an air brick as well as a proper ventilation system in place. You should be able to set a vent working prior to a hot bath or shower, to disperse the moisture as it's created!

2. Make sure that any new home has adequate insulation.

External Thermal Insulation (ETICS) RenoBuild Algarve Mediterranean style house
RenoBuild Algarve

External Thermal Insulation (ETICS)

RenoBuild Algarve

Humidity becomes an issue when a home has poor or ineffective insulation and no way for excess moisture to escape, so if you are embarking on a new build project, you are perfectly placed to not skimp on the insulation, right at the start! Ask your building team what they think is the best brand and style to buy and take their advice to heart and the shops!

3. Add the right plants.

Did you know that there are a number of house plants that absolutely LOVE high humidity and will simply absorb it all for their own purpose? What a way to tackle a problem and stay super eco-friendly at the same time! Just make sure you select the right plants or you could add to the issue!

4. Fit moisture sensors.

If humidity is a real and serious problem for you, you need to know when it strikes so you can tackle it straight away. Moisture sensors will let you know when a room is too damp, so you can look to vent it more effectively. 

5. Use the air conditioning

Your air conditioning system can be a great tool in the fight against humidity, if you set it to the right temperature. Ask a professional to explain how your settings can help deal with excess humidity and make sure the whole household knows too!

6. Try common sense natural solutions.

If a room is too hot, too wet or not getting enough air, what's a simple and free way to tackle that? Open a window! Some solutions are common sense, so before a bath or shower, make sure you crack a window, to let the excess moisture escape! It really can be that simple.

For more handy household management tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 things people with a clean house always do.

Are you going to try any of these solutions? Tell us about it!

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