22 Photos of Modern Homes to Motivate you to Decorate Yours

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If you are looking for some creative and unique ideas for your next home design or decor project, then you have come to the right place. We present here 22 images of stunning kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and more to inspire you in myriad ways. From rustic to ultramodern, and lavish to minimalist, you will surely find the decor scheme you are looking for. The credit for all these innovative and stylish ideas goes to the interior designers and decorators at Lider Interiores.

Rustic Vibe in the Kitchen

Use bricks and warm matte tones to create a rustic vibe in a modern kitchen.

Warm Quality

Add some warm quality even if you are using quirky pieces and patterns. Use colors that are homely and inviting even as a bold piece or two is used for effect.

Pops of Color

Use pops of color in a neutral setting like this one. The bureau and the chairs flaunt shades from the family of greens. The chairs are neon and fun, while the bureau exudes a classier feel.

Mix Them Up

Create a palette of patterns with bold pieces for a dual-toned room and lots of personality!

Earthy Elements

The neutral palette with the earthy rattan and woven elements give this space a homely edge.

Bold Accents

The accent wall and the contrast colored artwork along with sleek chairs in front of a farmhouse-style table lends an eclectic feel to the space.

Scale it Up

The size of the dining table and the larger-than-life lampshade helps in creating a king-sized statement here.

Quirky Art

The art installation and lighting on this wall ensure that an understated yet chic look is achieved.

Luxurious Space

This dining room has muted yet vibrant hues with rich tapestry and collector’s pieces on the walls as artwork.

Mirrors and Contrast Hues

The cream furniture and the mirror at one end give it all an expansive look.

Pattern Play

Use bold accents in a space that has been done up with patterned wallpaper. Add some greenery for effect.

Add Plenty of Layers

Adding mirrors, drapes and layers of bedding as well as soft rugs will help in bringing out a modern and luxurious look.

Solid Elements

Solid elements like this teal wall that looks like the stormy sea, brings out the beauty of the neutral elements of the room.

Keep it Exotic

Use an ethnic pattern or two with focused lighting nearby so that you can highlight the hues and cuts.

Add Life to the Kitchen

Bold colors and zany lights will add life to any space. The kitchen especially needs that warmth and glow.

Unusual Decor

The patterns and colors are well-highlighted here, thanks to the quirky wall decor items.

Lush Green Space

A small sliver of space can be turned into a green nook with stone tiles and a colorful wall as well as hanging plants.

Practical Shelves

Add shelves and a pantry in an open style for a fluid-ic design scheme.

Playful and Warm

Playfulness and coziness can be achieved with this fun blue table and quirky shelves in rustic wood.

A Dash of Class

Use a large golden lamp for a hint of the classic, along with plenty of black and white artwork.

Eclectic Touch

Use a patterned chair along with the plain ones to mix it up!

Warm Edge

Use rustic and earthy materials even in a sleek room for a warm and inviting feel.

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