13 steps to a spotless home—using only household products!

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One of the most difficult rooms to clean in our home is our kitchen. From greasy kitchenware, to stainless steel that lacks in shine, to kitchen mats and rugs; it may seem like a never ending and exhausting job. We have compiled a few very easy ways to keep your kitchen spotless without the effort that usually goes into cleaning a kitchen!

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1. Remove grease without the scrubbing

On each problem area, combine 1/4 cups of ammonia with water and leave overnight. You will see how the next morning, the grease will simply have melted off and all you need to do is wipe down your stove or greasy bench to fully appreciate the magic!

2. Pots and pans

It is normal that some of our pots and pans tend to fade with time due to heat, moisture and extreme conditions in the kitchen to which they are always exposed. Don't worry there is a solution.

Place some dish detergent in your pot and then pour some warm water into it. Leave your pot there all night and the next day you will see the results! In the morning, clean everything with hot water, more detergent and a sponge.

3. Kettle build up

Kettles can become clogged with the build up of limescale and other harmful bacteria. We will show you how to keep your kettle as good as new so that every time you brew a cup of tea, you will fully enjoy it. 

Fill your kettle with water, cut a lemon into slices and place it in the kettle and, of course, don't boil it. Let the solution do its thing overnight.

4. Wooden floors

If you’re looking to add a bit of shine to your wood floors, give this easy recipe a try:

1 gallon of hot water, 3/4 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup lemon juice. This formula does double duty. The hot water and lemon clean the floor, and the addition of olive oil leaves your wood floors with a nice, natural sheen. Simply apply it to your floors with a mop that you’ve wrung out fairly well; then let it dry on its own. No need for rinsing – once it dries, your floors will look great!

5. Floor tiles

If you would like to give your tiles a thorough clean naturally, pour half a cup of baking soda into two gallons of water then scrub with a string mop or sponge.

6. Cast iron

To clean a cast iron pan, add 2 tablespoons of oil and place on medium heat. Once the pan is heated, pour in 3 tablespoons of salt. Use a paper towel to scrub the pan clean and finally use some vegetable oil to cure at the end. 

7. Shiny floors

Another quick and easy solution to keeping your wooden floors shiny is vinegar. Pour in half a cup of vinegar into two gallons of water and using a mop, give your floors a gentle clean. 

8. Wall splatters

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If your kitchen wall has been a victim of too many oil splashes, ketchup stains or coffee stains, then try this simple solution to give them their brilliant shine. 

Use a vinegar and water solution for cleaning painted walls or wallpaper. Combine vinegar and water in a bucket, wet a washcloth with the solution, and gently rub your walls clean. For spot cleaning, store the solution in a spray bottle and spray it directly on stubborn spots on your walls.

9. Wall tiles

Dark colored stains on your tile are hard to clean and chances are they will just keep coming back. The grout in between tiles is the most common breeding ground for mold and it is the spot in your kitchen which houses grease and oil stains. Try this simple solution to make your tiles as good as new. 

Using a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water will often do the trick to remove soap scum and stop mold and mildew. You can use a toothbrush, or another type of small brush for this task. Spray the dirty area with the water/vinegar mixture, and scrub with the brush in circular motions.

10. Vase cleaning

If you have vases which are difficult to get to the bottom of, or if they have water stains—try dropping some effervescent antacid tablets into some water and leaving over night. The stains would have dissolved and your vase will be shiny and new again. 

11. Keep ants away from the kitchen

If you have an ant problem in your kitchen or you simply want to avoid having ants near your food, place some apple cider vinegar drops in all the nooks and crannies where ants could potentially be hiding. Apple cider vinegar is a natural ant-repellent and is also not a deadly poison like most ant repellents on the market. 

12. Drain cleaning

If your kitchen drains tend to get clogged, use a simple solution of a cup of apple cider vinegar and a couple of tablespoons of baking soda to pour down the sink. Leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it away with boiling hot water.

13. Kitchen rugs

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We all love rugs and runners in our kitchens because they add color and keep our feet warm when we are cooking, but having a kitchen rug means that you will have to get it dry cleaned often to keep it looking bright and fresh. From ketchup stains, to coffee stains to even oil stains, try this simple solution. 

Lift out stains from carpeting and upholstery by sponging them with a solution of 1 cup clear ammonia in 1/2 gallon (2 liters) warm water. Let dry thoroughly, and repeat if needed.

For a more natural cleaner, rub light carpet stains with a mixture of 2 tablespoons salt dissolved in 1/2 cup white vinegar. Let the solution dry, then vacuum.For larger or darker stains, add 2 tablespoons borax to the mixture and use in the same way.

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