A Simple and stunning transformation of an ordinary balcony

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City living is more and more popular but that also means smaller living spaces and less outdoor space. Lucky people may have a park or rooftop garden nearby where they can go and enjoy the outdoors but many city dwellers are left with a small balcony barely enough to fit some seating. However, small balconies don't have to be a burden or left to be neglected! 

The design geniuses behind this small balcony in Hildesheim, Germany are DIE BALKONGESTALTER from Hamburg have given this shared house a beautiful pace to enjoy the outdoors. This balcony has been transformed from boring and basic to stylish and cozy.

Let's take a closer look!

Stylish and cozy

The transformation of this boring balcony is absolutely incredible! What was once basic and neglected is now bright and colorful. The walls of the balcony are still white but everything else in this space is vibrant and full of life! There is now enough seating for at least four people and they can sit and sip some lemonade or have a coffee. It's a great place to look out into the city on a warm day and just enjoy the outdoors. The balcony is also surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers that really make the space feel alive. The neglected floor has now been replaced and a colorful rug makes the space feel homey and inviting.

Boring and basic

This apartment features a decent-size balcony that is quite a rare find for such a small apartment, but it is quite outdated and very basic. The balcony features a small ledge that would be great for a herb garden or flowers. The floor of the balcony has been very neglected and discolored and the walls are just painted a basic white. Nothing about this basic space is inspired or cozy and doesn't make anyone want to come and relax outside.

Light it up

Balconies are made for more than just enjoying the outdoors during the day, what about the evening time? This balcony features beautiful hanging lights all over the space with different heights and designs. This provides dimension to the unused wall space and also a soft, warm glow to the balcony, no need to grab a flashlight! Throughout the space the lighting is both electric and produced by candles, so you get a really romantic atmosphere or a more neutral and friendly vibe, depending on your mood. 

Flower power

Remember that bare ledge that looked perfect to display a small garden? Well that's exactly what the designers used it for! The balcony is now filled to the brim with colorful flowers and plants all around the space. They are in small planters and feature various species to add dimension and a vibrant feeling. It's as if you are frolicking through a meadow, but in the city! This garden, however, is very easy to maintain and gives the balcony a very homey feel as well as being very chic. These flowers also play off some of the colors that can be seen in the decor, tying the whole space together!

Fun in the sun

Just because the ledge is filled with flowers, doesn't mean there's no space to grow your own herbs! These basic shelves make use of the empty wall space and allow the homeowners to display whatever they want! Here we can see DIY planters made from old aluminum cans and filled with various herbs and pepper plants. In fact we can see this planters throughout the entire balcony, simply decorated with different colored tape. They are great and add a touch of whimsy to this beautiful space. These shelves are also used to display candles as well as a cute word sign that is a reminder of enjoying the outdoors!

A furry seating area

This balcony was designed for a three bedroom share house for girls, and if it wasn't evident before, it should be now! This cute wooden armchair with a warm and furry blankets draped over it. This provides a soft space to curl up and enjoy a beverage when it is a bit colder outside as well as adding a very distinct element to the space. This chair is surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants and just feels like a very homey place to enjoy a nice afternoon!

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