6 Design errors to avoid in the living room

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The living room is the ideal space to meet the needs of your family and suit your own taste, as well as the overall design of the house. There is no doubt that many fall into the trap of traditional designs to impress visitors, while ignoring their own wishes and daily needs to feel comfortable in their home. Indeed, many even fall into the trap of overdoing it with a desire to achieve all of their wishes and visions for the living room at once. This often leads to a result that is far less than elegant. 

Today we'll show you 6 wonderful living rooms where the designers have succeeded in avoiding common mistakes that would destroy the look of any room. 

Let's see from these examples how common living room design disasters can be avoided. 

1. Disasterous colors

Poor color coordination in the living room will leave anybody confused, but this space also usually contains more decorative elements than other spaces in the house, adding to the risk of chaos and confusion with a poor choice of color. 

The coordination of colors will influence the ultimate feeling you want to get when you sit down to relax the living room. The elegant design we see here can easily act as role model when it comes to the use of colors, as wee can see furniture in a neutral gray, red cushions, and the presence of a wooden floor that infuses vitality in the place while the warmth encourages relaxation. A diversity of raw materials is always a substitute for the number of colors to enhance the spirit of creativity in design.

2. Obstructing freedom of movement

Imagine having to navigate a precarious arrangement of furniture, stubbing your toes on every corner and running the risk of breaking all your vases or cups. A relaxing seat on the couch would hardly be worth all of this effort!

This horrific scenario threatens the future of the living room and prospects for cleaning and maintenance. Therefore, taking into account the sizes of furniture before you buy it is an important step to prevent congestion in the room and uncomfortable accumulation.

3. Hiding the television

Let's be pragmatic and recognize that the main purpose for the living room is lying down on the couch to watch the game and movies while eating popcorn. How will this happen when the TV is placed either on the side or a position which requires you to spin your neck and strain your eyes?!

Therefore, put the TV in the center of the room and in front of the couch. There couldn't be a more obvious living room commandment. 

4. Exaggerating ornaments and decoration

Another common mistake you have to avoid is using a large number of motifs, bold or exaggerated designs, or ostentatious objects. Such items are often employed in the hope of creating an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, but the results can lead to the absolute opposite.

The eclectic design style is popular and trendy, but can easily be corrupted if not done very well. Therefore, keep things simple, with a few bold yet stylish elements to serve as center pieces. 

5. Not enough prominence to lighting

Good lighting will highlight the elegance of a space, and enhance the beauty of the decor. Some people, however, pay little attention to the elements of lighting in the belief that some decorative objects will supplement the design. This is a fatal error, as lighting is part of the foundation of any design.

Natural lighting and proper ventilation are of the most important things that must be met in the living room because of the length of time that we spend here in a day. These are the areas where we should not cut corners. 

6. Huge furniture

As we mentioned before, you should pay attention to the sizes of furniture before you buy it to ensure a good division of the room and also to take into account the balance of the place.

It's also not just about sizes of the furniture in saving floor area, but also about respect for the space. The size of the piece may be suitable to the room, but it may simply not be a necessary element to the space. Streamline and keep things pure for an elegant design. 

There you have it! If you avoid these 6 common living room design disasters, you are sure to create a beautiful space for yourself!

Which of these design mistakes have you succumbed to?

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