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In today’s world, each and every corner of your house should be well appointed and in place. You just cannot overlook even the slightest area as it might tarnish the overall beauty of the house. This article spreads light on laundry room designs that might not have been on your mind till now. As your concerned personal advisor, we at homify consider it our duty to bring you solutions to questions that might have slipped your mind but hold. utmost importance for us.


You can afford this laundry room only if you are blessed with luxury and space. It is an ideal laundry room that has a place for everything and everything in its place. The washer dryer holds the centre stage with different compartments built all around it for increasing functionality and utility. There is a defined spot for detergents, softeners and laundry bags. An ironing table is also provided to complete the finished look. You can customise this area according to your needs. We advise having a small audio system to make ironing a pleasant experience.

Kid’s space

Laundry and kids are a common phenomenon as kids find machines and water pretty enticing and energizing. But this makes things equally hard for mom’s and home makers. Homify brings you this unique idea that will keep your kid engaged while you complete the regular chores. This design by CODE37, designers in Netherlands, is about installing a kid’s wardrobe in the laundry area where the kids can hang and segregate their clothes according to their whims and fancies. You can embellish this wardrobe with your kid’s favourite cartoon characters or heroes for drawing his complete attention.


This laundry room design conceals the big and hefty washing machines that might not always provide a pleasing site to watch. The washer is enveloped in wooden doors that are made using the hidden storage under the sink. This is a super space saving idea as it comes with a folding table on the top and washer underneath. The white bench top and stale floor tiles further give an illusion of space.


This laundry room design is all about open shelves and exposed hanger stand. This minimalist design makes use of ground space in creating a wise storage ensemble. The clothes can be easily hung from the hanger the moment they are out from the dryer. You can instantly pack your travel clothes in your leather duffle bag which is then ready to be carried away anytime. All other decorative items like the golden vase and shoes are presented to brighten up the otherwise boring laundry space.


This is a cute little laundry bag to get your child’s attention. If you have a child who is keenly interested towards clothes and laundry, you can make him a personalized laundry basket with his name on the top that will have only his clothes. By this way you also make your child responsible and organized. Your child will now feel responsible to put his dirty laundry in his basket and thus will help you organize his room in a better fashion.

In proportion

This proportionate laundry room is best for urban dwellers as it makes optimal use of vertical space and is thus able to fit in everything in a smaller space. Smart use of hidden spaces under and above the basin makes space for storing detergents. The dirty laundry can be stored in space above the washer that is big enough for the whole family. Use of white sanitary ware further brightens the entire space.

Kitchen combination

Kitchen and utility area have been the talk of the town lately. In today’s world when space is becoming a big constraint, designer’s advice you to combine the two rooms together as one. This not only saves a lot of space, but also makes this part of the house a secluded functional area. Now all the big machines like dishwasher, over, washer and dryer are combined in one place thus making the house clutter free.

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Bathroom combination

Bathroomand laundry room is an eternal combination. But you should always make sure that washing machine should not become a hindrance or a spoiler in the bathroom. It should be compact enough to snug into one corner of the room. The washer or dryer should not overpower the soft bathroom décor therefore, make it a point to go for white or off white washer.  We hope this gives you a basic idea about the design of a laundry room. You can browse through the various categories on homify for deeper insights.

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