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With its exposed brick walls, tall wooden doors, beautifully tiled floors and warm lighting, this apartment is a modern romantic's dream come true. It is laid back and rustic, and filled with an atmosphere that instantly makes guests cozy and comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. 

The interior designers at Barcelona firm BRICK CONSTRUCCIÓ I DISSENY have kept the decoration and embellishment to a minimum, used muted colors, and added classic furniture to keep the focus on the rich textures of the walls. The unique history and many layers of this apartment's foundations are the focus in this home. 

Today we will take you on a tour through an apartment that is romantic, tranquil, and graceful, with just a touch of modern bohemian style. And we bet, like us, you will soon be head over heels in love with it! 

Minimal And Serene

The modest size of the master bedroom helps keep it intimate and cozy. It is decorated simply and minimally, with the walls, balcony doors and ceilings all painted white. 

The stand out feature is the raw brick wall behind the bed which works perfectly with the copper lighting and pale blue tiles of the floor. Colors are serene and tranquil, and the bed linen is kept natural and uncolored to make this an unpretentious place to unwind in. 

From The Top

From the floor plan you can see just how much of a feature the floor tiles are over the whole apartment, and how the interior design celebrates them. The positioning of the furniture is carefully considered to show off as much of the tile work as possible. And those tiles are the reason the decor and color palette is kept plain and unadorned. You don't want the walls to compete with that beauty on the ground!

A Modern Kitchen In An Old Fashioned Room

The open plan, black clad kitchen really complements the brickwork and tiling of this room, instead of competing with it. The graphic lines, sharp edges and plain-front cupboards are just the things that work here. The dining room table in it's prominent position pulls the whole room together with the black metal legs and unpainted wooden top. 

This is a great example of how a rustic, rugged interior can be blended with state of the art appliances and new technologies and make it look effortless and natural.  

Great Foundations

Again it's those incredible brick walls, wooden doors and patterned flooring that make this corner living room as special as it is. 

The glass table avoids cluttering the room as much as possible, and the classic-styled cream sofas exactly match the wall colors, almost blending in. All furnishings are deliberately low key, and hardly noticeable to let the structure of the room do all of the speaking. 

Unforgettable Details

The view down the hallway is quite stunning. Golden tones, caramel colored wood and warm lighting all create one spectacular corridor. The mirror in the bedroom is just one of the many extravagant details this memorable home has—and how perfectly suited it is!

Adaptable Style For The Situation

Colorful accents have been added to the children's room to keep it playful, cheerful and young. Still, the furniture is matching the style in the rest of the house—it's mostly white, functional, simple, minus all the frills.   

This is a bright room that proves the rustic, romantic style we've seen is also versatile, and able to be adaptable for different age groups and rooms. 

A Love Of Tiles

There are more tiles yet! In the bathroom they also line the wall behind the washbasin and add a great dash of color to an otherwise white room. Wood also plays an important part of the design again in this room with the wooden shelves bringing that bit of natural warmth in. 

Spruced Up Style

And quite possibly the best bit of this home is the adorable balcony that is tucked off to the side. Here, a bit more color has been used and the doors have an extra colored glass feature. 

Painting wooden furniture for a balcony or terrace is a great way to keep the space bright and cheerful while also waterproofing the piece of furniture. Or add some patterned cushions to an outdoor sofa to add some extra color.

If you have been inspired by this adorable terrace, then make sure you take a look at these other ideas for small patios.

Are you a fan of carpets or tiles? Tell us your flooring preference below!

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