15 Ideas To Light Up Your Home's Exterior (And Make It Look Great)

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Villa in Frankreich, Bolz Licht und Wohnen · 1946 Bolz Licht und Wohnen · 1946 Modern Garden
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The presentation of a home is paramount to create that first great impression. And the right lighting plays a big part in making your house look the best it can. The type of lights that you choose, how many you want, and where you choose to install them, all have a major impact on how welcoming and inviting your house is to guests. 

Whether it's adding a line of lights low on a garden wall, or using colored lights to create a dramatic and sensational look, a home can always benefit from a few more light bulbs. Today we take a look at how these 15 homes have used lights to make their outdoor areas and exteriors warm, enchanting and inviting, year round.  

1. A Wall Of Warmth

In this cozy outdoor grill area, a line of lights on the rear wall adds a extra bit of warmth and homeliness. The particular design of these lights make it seem like flames are coming out of either side—fitting perfectly with the fire theme. Try to think about what the space is used for when installing your own lights. 

2. Pattern Making With Lights

Modern lighting can be used to create some pretty amazing effects, like the diamond pattern on the exterior wall of this house. If you have a large blank wall near the entrance of your home, place some lights in a formation like this you will have a brilliant surprise for guests at nighttime. 

3. Cozy Cavern

Set deep in the recess of this rustic home, the lights here create a unique environment that wouldn't be there otherwise. Now instead of this brick entranceway being dark and foreboding, it's glowing and invites anyone to come in. Such a cozy little cavern! 

4. Make A Colourful Impression

The colored lighting set in the trees and around the garden on this property, turn it into something truly dazzling. Even if you have a modest sized house, with the help of bright lights and bright colors, you can transform it into a spectacular show stopping home. 

5. Waterfalls Of Light

Again, try to create effects and patterns that are related to the space. The lights that are installed high on this exterior wall shine vertically down it's rough texture, looking as if there was water spilling down into the swimming pool. What a treat for night time swimming!

6. Light As Decorations

These glowing light orbs are just the thing to turn this dark pergola into somewhere intimate and inviting. Not only do they illuminate the space, but they are also a great decorative touch to contrast against the black wood. 

7. Make The Space Unforgettable

There are many different types of lights used in this outdoor lounge—on the wall, between the floorboards, on the table. All together it makes this elegant and modern sitting area one beautiful and enjoyable place to be. Lighting really makes a space!  

8. Welcoming Lights

Even if you have low walls lining the way into your home, there is still enough room to add lights. These square lights set into the concrete are a great idea for driveways, entranceways or even on garden paths and concrete stairs. Light up the way and you will never trip or stumble on a dark rock again. 

9. Safety And Style

This lit up staircase combines safety and style with the small square lights set in the wall all the way up. Staircases are often dark places, especially if they are tucked around the side or the back of a house, so lighting them up is a great idea—for decorative and practical reasons!

10. Shadow Play

These dramatic lights tucked away in the garden cleverly fit with the flax bushes planted around them. If you put them in the right place, you can also make some beautiful shadows from the neighboring plants and flowers for a cute touch in the backyard. 

If you want to know more about creating an impressive garden with lights and plants, then be sure to contact these professional landscape architects for advice. 

11. Celebrate The Architecture

Lights of course can also help show off the actual form of your home—like these crisp, low lying white lights. Install them on the corners and at the bottom of walls, and the angles and curves of your building will become something really magnificent. 

12. Filling The Void

Fluorescent lights and light tubes look amazing wedged in between the blocks of a modernist building like this one. Or even hang them around windows to create extra shapes on the exterior of your home. Lighting up negative spaces, gaps or voids create a spellbinding effect—do't underestimate the power of a small bulb! 

13. A Sprinkling Of Light

Even tiny little 'dots' of lights like these look great. Again, they are helpful to define the edge of a structure so you don't end up stepping off it in the dark. But it's the small details like these that really stand out at night time.

14. Motion Sensor Lights

If you want your door brightly lit for safety and security reasons, maybe try installing motion sensor lights? That way you can save power and guests will be announced before the doorbell is even touched. 

15. Festive Atmosphere

This swimming pool and patio area is completely charming with a warm, festive atmosphere. And it's all thanks to the lights. There are plenty installed—in the concrete stepping stones, underneath the water of the swimming pool, at the back wall and also hanging high above the porch area. Don't skimp on lightbulbs and you be guaranteed an incredible, enticing exterior of your home. 

If you are looking for more ideas for swimming pools, then check these incredible seven that will take your breath away.

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