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5 Ideas for you to create your own vegetable garden

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Growing your own vegetable garden gives people a sense of pride, and sometimes even a sense of purpose. Having your own vegetable garden comes with a lot of benefits including a form of therapy and fresh, organic food that can be incorporated into your home cooking. Vegetable gardens aren't relegated to only those with big houses either! With today's innovation and technologies, anyone with any size home can have a garden of their own to produce wholesome and delicious meals. Below are five ideas to get you inspired to create your very own veggie garden!

1. Surround it in stone

For those who have large backyards, zoning your garden is a great way to ensure that you get the healthiest produce. Certain crops can't be grown together, such as corn and tomatoes, or peas and onions, so by creating separate plant beds you can guarantee that you will have the best yield possible. This beautiful garden uses beige stones to create three separate plant beds and are filled to the brim with various fruits and veggies. This garden not only looks elegant but also makes the plants pop against the light colored stone. This idea can be fit with any design style you feature in your garden, for example you can use slate for a more modern look.

2. All natural

If you like the more natural look, take a page out of this vineyard and create a wide open space for your veggie garden. This large patch of land is divided into four zones, so you can still separate your plants, but they are all connected by a wooden walkway. This idea incorporates an open space that flows nicely from one section to another and can even include a small seating or dining area. One nice thing to note about this garden, as well, is the small shelters that allow creeping plants to climb up, for climbing plants such as tomatoes while also adding dimension to the flat space.

3. Modern garden

If you follow a more modern design then this is the garden for you! Rather than have your yard sprawling with various plants, keep them sectioned off and sprinkled around the garden in modern style containers. This allows you to maintain that sleek look that follows modern design. Take this backyard which uses a series of multi-leveled hardwood flooring and the vegetable planters to create a sort of walkway to the large fireplace at the back. The planters should be made of modern materials such as slate or concrete in order to follow the design and maintain a sleek look.

4. For small yards

If you have a backyard but it is quite small, you can still have your own garden! Creating small, stacking planters, such as the one seen in this garden, allows you to plant all sorts of small vegetables. Herbs, garlic, broccoli, cucumbers and even potatoes all need twelve inches or less of soil to produce a crop. Having a few small planters on your patio or deck still gives you the ability to grow your favorite fruits and veggies and with less hassle. Get creative with planters depending on the style of your yard and start growing today!

5. Vertical gardens

Even apartments with very limited space can grow their own produce! Though vertical gardens are more limited in what you can grow, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try it! This garden is featured on the small wall of a balcony and has medium sized planters jutting out of the wall at various intervals. Other vertical gardens feature small cups with various herbs and spices, and some can even be grown in old soda bottles! Depending on the amount of space you have and the type of style you are trying to adhere to, there is still the opportunity to grow your own produce in the comfort of your tiny apartment. 

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