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A simple house built with a small budget

Leigh Leigh
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Today, we are going to travel to Italy to find out how architect professionals DBIOStudio have built a simple house on a very small budget, with huge results!

This prefabricated structure looks like a modern and traditional bricks and mortar family home, but in reality it was far cheaper and was constructed in a very short space of time.

As we explore the home, we will also walk you through a few before and after images, so you really get a sense of how much work still went into its construction as well as how impressive the final results truly are.

This project also makes a wonderful case for the value and advantages of a prefabricated home, so read on to find out why this is a good option for any family.

Let's take a look!

Simple and solid

If we start at the entrance of the home, we can see how simple it truly is. Gorgeously detailed pedestrian gates open up to a little pathway, which leads round the house and up some stairs to a front door. This is a very easy path to follow and with a welcoming entrance at the end, this home is appealing to any visitors!

Remember that your entrance plays a huge role in the first impression that your house makes. You want it to be functional as well as aesthetically attractive. Have a look at: How you can create a beautiful entrance in 6 easy steps.

The exterior design of the home features a neutral colour palette with a mix of materials including smooth plastered walls, a stone facade and a red tiled roof. This makes for a very homely and simple design.

A grand home

From this angle, we can see that even though this is a simple home, it has more than enough space for the family with two levels as well as large, exterior spaces. 

The upper storey spills out onto a large balcony with glass balustrades, allowing panoramic views of the gorgeous surrounds. The ground floors opens up onto a wonderful and spacious large terrace, where the family can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while still have plenty of shade or protection from rain or clouds.

Here we really get a sense of how the neutral tones and contrasting materials work in harmony with the green grass and gorgeous skylines. 

The construction site

Here we can really see how much work went into this simple and special family home. This gives us a chance to explain what the advantages are to a prefabricated home. 

For starters, the prefabricated components ensure that the home is constructed in a record amount of time. The labour costs are also much lower!

What's more is that the construction work isn't affected by weather conditions because a lot of the elements can be put together in a factory. In the 21st century, these new elements can also be very eco-friendly, contributing to more modern and sustainable design.

We've also mentioned the affordability factor!

The beautiful interior

The living room is stylish and modern and looks homely and beautiful, like any traditional family home.

The designers have stuck to a neutral colour palette, choosing wooden floors with white and beige walls. We can see that the wall that features the fireplace is made with stone cladding, bringing a rustic look and feel to the home. It also adds texture and tone to the space, creating a very appealing interior that will look simply stunning with some comfortable and trendy furniture in it.

We can also see how the large glass windows allow natural light to flow into the home, creating a very warm and bright living space. 

The building phase

In this image, we can see what the living room looked like during the construction phase.

Here we get a clear idea of what goes into the walls, with plenty of insulation so that the home remains temperate. 

We can also see how the window was a very big part of the living room design, taking up a large section of the wall. This allows the sunlight to flood the interior space.

The plan

In this image, we can see how the designers had a very clear plan for the design of the home. 

With modern technology and expert professionals, we can really get a sense of what a home is going to look like before it has been constructed. This render shows the exact specifications, details and design of the home, ensuring that the home owners and the architects are on the same page.

What's more is that we have seen with our own eyes how the real home has turned out exactly like the plan!

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