13 smart & easy DIY ideas that will transform your home

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Home decoration could be a really enjoyable thing to do if you know your spaces well and have that curious streak which motivates you on to go for innovative ideas. You do not always need a professional decorator to tell you what your home spaces need; your artistic side & creativity are enough to deck up your spaces in a chic and fashionable way. 

Here at homify, we always try to offer you inspiring home ideas and today, we are going to walk you through a list of 13 such amazing DIY concepts that you can jazz up your home spaces with.  And the icing on the cake is that all these ideas are easy, economical and you can very conveniently use your old & worn out household items to create these. Sounds wonderful? Read on!

Brightness with Woody Warmth

This inventive lampshade brings a novelty to lighting in the modern living room. Creating a mesh like structure with small cuboidal pieces of wood, a lampshade has been formed to let the light trickle into the surrounding area, spreading a warm glow. The sleek white base & sober palette around enhance the radiance.

Promising Papery Panache

This magnificent paper creation is an eclectic piece of decor that could pimp up your living room in chic elegance. Other than a portable piece of decor, attachable wall decor pieces can also be created that require nothing but some discarded colored paper, glue & empty carton pieces. Simple & easy!

For your Tots

In your kids’ room/ nursery this one will be a cute addition. Functioning as a visually appealing cradle, toy as well as a decorative piece, it is quite convenient to construct with wood, screws, oil based paint, some discarded stuff toys & rags.

All round Handcrafted Utility

This endearing piece of classic decor can double up as a cushion/ pillow and can be knitted or crocheted using the old & long unused yarns. With an adorable aspect, these bulbous pieces are sure to add a soft touch of cute mellowness to your spaces.

Doused in Style with Artistic Inspiration

The beautiful boundary of a redundant fireplace like this one can be conveniently used for decoration purposes by placing a simple large sized mirror along with some candles & trinkets over the polished top. Such a set up can be used to aesthetically adorn a living room, bedroom or a dressing room.

Some Wintery Goodness

Thinking what to do about all those empty glass jars? Make it into a visual treat! It is quite simple & easy to make- you need a jar, some cotton, a striking piece of ribbon, glue & some leftover decor stuff from last year’s Christmas decorations. Sticking the cotton on the underside of the lid barring the margins and placing the small bits of leftover adornments on it, position the jar over it and twist it over the lid as you would to tighten the lid. Finally, tie the ribbon near its mouth to have a glass enclosed decorative item which in effect is simply an inverted glass jar, much like the one in this image. This classic piece is good for your bedroom, living room, dining area as well as the home office.

Hues of Decorative Relief

When looking to add some color to white walls, objects made of papier mache, empty cartons, colored paper bits & pom poms that came off your dress or some fabric decoration come in handy. A great example is depicted in this photo in which the bare wall of a kids’ room has been given a pastel hued facelift with this paper crafted elephant head, some pom poms, thread & cellophane tape.

Home style Jingle All the Way!

Every year, we eagerly await Christmas decorations to give a graceful makeover to our home. Wool & lace can make your day if you are up for some handmade decoration to bedeck the Christmas tree at your place. Small crochet tit bits sewed together to give it a new format, or some ornamentally patterned knitted pieces made into balls/ other designs and tied to the branches & twigs by colorful ribbons add a striking zing to your garden.

An Arty Touch

Taking simple things & creating spectacular ones from them is what a true artist does; and you can easily be one! Taking plume feathers & painting colors, you can create designer pieces to adorn small sections of the walls that bear a neutral shade. Either singly or in pairs, these decorated feathers can be employed to pep up dull walls in an eclectic fashion.

Refreshing Bedroom Charm with added Advantage

For your minimalist bedroom, a storage solution that gives a visual freshness is a real blessing. Convenient to make, this one given in the photo just requires some woodwork, small planters & some small items that feature in your choice of decor. Painting the wooden surfaces in a color tone matching the tonality of the bedroom, you have a sober yet charming closet with a lot of space for clothes & shoes and also, slots for the greens. Some novelty, eh?

The Luxury of a Relaxing Bath

There is nothing like a refreshing bath to soothe the senses. And if the surroundings enhance the refreshing feel further, that is the ultimate luxury. You can pamper yourself with such a luxury by redoing the walls of your bathroom like the one shown here. The wall painted in different tones of blue with the bubbles shown in white adds the aqua essence; and if you are enjoying a warm soak in the bathtub, it gets even better.

Get your own Cheery Touch of Nature

Interior landscaping to lend a contemporary touch to your spaces does not necessitate elaborate measures. It can be aesthetically done by using a medium sized metal basket with hangers and some discarded cloth pieces to make the base & top decoration. Taking a number of Bonsai planters and placing them (minus the pots) on the cloth cushion in the basket, a lovely & cheerful floral setting is obtained which can be conveniently used to adorn different spaces; even an open closet, as shown here, can be jazzed up with such bright & striking handmade decor items.

Convenient Green Grace

Small home with no space to support your green thumb? This convenient & easy to implement Scandinavian style idea is sure to take care of your garden needs in a novel manner. With sturdy ropes supported on a solid wooden rod, strong flattened rectangular discs and some small pans with handles to function as planters, you can create a wonderful “hanging” garden. Easy breezy!

In the image, the discs have been put at different levels to enhance the aesthetic value of this inventive garden housing creeper, ornamental & flowering plants. 

A lot hinges, though, on the strength of the ropes & how tightly they are tied to create a decorative pattern which will hold the entire unit, as shown. 

What DIY tips & tricks have you decked up your home with? Share with us in comments!

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