Decoration Mistakes: 14 things in your home that bother your guests

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All of us have expectations from our guests, whether they come to spend the day or on an extended visit. The code of conduct for visitors is a common topic—but today we’re going to look at the other side of the coin and discuss 14 ways to become a better host! All guests have certain bugbears – annoyances that they hope to avoid when visiting someone.

The 14 items that we’re looking at today is a general list of irritants that can easily be avoided. Let’s begin!

1. Shoes In Sight

Ensure that the footwear is concealed in a cabinet before greeting your guests. You can also use the space under your staircase to design cubbies as shown here. This unique organisational solution was designed by the architects at Specht Architects.

2. A Bell That Doesn’t Ring

The first thing a visitor will do is ring the doorbell. A broken bell has a negative impact and must be repaired before you invite guests. Imagine you also turned the sound of you mobile phone off—how should your guests get inside? 

3. Bathroom Location

When designing your home, plan for a separate bathroom conveniently near the living and dining areas. Thus, going through bedrooms to reach the bathroom is avoided.

4. A Lack of toiletries In the Bathroom

A very important point is placing a fresh towel and roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. A visitor should not need to request these! 

5. Messy Room

An untidy room looks bad and shows lack of respect towards the visitor. If you are unable to tidy up, at least hide the mess.

6. Formal Dining

You do not need to lay the table for a three-course meal for guests who would prefer an informal, cozy atmosphere. Moreover, all guests may not know how to use multiple types of cutlery!

7. Dim Lights

Many guests equate dim with dismal. Avail of natural light during the day and switch on sufficient lights after dark.

8. Offers Of Assistance

Many of us are particular about our party arrangements. However, if a guest is genuinely keen to help, it is a gracious move to accept the friendly gesture.

9. Ventilation

If you use the fireplace, open the windows and let in the fresh air. Not all guests enjoy the smell of burning wood.

10. Low Seating

A considerate host remembers to offer senior visitors seats of a normal height. Getting up from a low seat can be a nuisance for the elderly!

11. Decor

If you have wall decor pieces or artworks, you should be able to say a few intelligent sentences about them!

12. Choice Of Music

Choose music that will appeal to your guests. If there are many guests with differing tastes, opt for neutral melodies that will be enjoyed by all and will not disturb conversation.

13. Don’t Boast

We understand that you’re proud of your design for your beautiful room – tell your guests about it only once – don’t repeat!

14. Excessive Beauty

Don’t make your house so beautiful that your guest feels sad to return home!! Follow this list and offer your guests a truly delightful experience!

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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