10 things people with a clean house always do

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A cluttered home will undoubtedly be an eyesore, regardless of the place or context. Ideally, we all want a neat and tidy house or apartment. This becomes all the more prominent in small houses or apartments, which are increasingly popular in our contemporary climate. In this ideabook, therefore, we offer you a list of 10 things that can help you in creating and maintaining a tidy apartment. 

Let's admit it, very few of us enjoy cleaning up house and maintaining an organised structure, as this can be time-consuming and effort-intensive tasks. However, we are sure you'll find new home in this list of clean habits, as it goes to show that neat and tidy home doesn't have to be a drag. Let's take a look! 

1. Storing objects from view

This tip is super easy, but you should not ignore it. It's fine to keep many things as long as you store it out of sight! Keep things in a closet, storage box or behind a curtain. Look at the picture above. The cases serve as accessories, but also give you immediate space to store things in.

2. A tidy hall

Are things always a mess in your hall? Then we have a very easy solution for you. Hang a few hooks on the wall in the hall, so that you can easily get hold of the things you need every day, such as shopping bags, keys, scarves and coats.

3. Show off your office supplies

Office supplies do not necessarily need to be stored in a closet. Folders, storage boxes and textbooks may be best seen. You just need to make sure that this stuff is neatly stored in a dedicated cabinet. Sort your items by color and type to make sure that it looks neat and tidy.

4. Use unexpected places for storage

There are places in your home which may unexpectedly prove to be excellent storage space. Look at the picture above, where the interior architects installed shelves around the fireplace, where you can find many books, folders and other items. By making such a choice, you can fully utilize the space in the house.

5. Hang shelves

Shelves are the ideal way to create additional storage space in the house. You can hang them anywhere in your home, and it can store many different things. In addition, they come in all kinds and colors, so you can always find a pair that fit perfectly with your interior.

6. Create a special place for all your things

One way to keep your apartment tidy is to create a special place for all your different things. On your desk, for example, it becomes a lot less messy if you can create a nook for your pens and a nook for your papers. Of course, you can also apply this strategy to other places in the house.

7. Keep the same things together

To prevent disorganization at home, you can keep the same things together. Buy several storage boxes and put in each box the things that belong together. 

8. Fold your clothes neatly

People with a tidy apartment fold away all their clothes neatly, it could hardly be otherwise. Indeed, it is a very easy way to create an uncluttered atmosphere. This is opposed to throwing them on top of a chair to do later. 

9. Treat all drawers like sock drawers

If you do things right, then your sock drawer always looks neat and tidy. That's exactly how the other trays must also look at home. In a tidy drawer, you can find everything easily, so you can avoid a lot of frustration.

10. Create a logical focus for your wardrobe

To ensure that you can easily find what you are looking for, we advise you to organize your wardrobe logically. Put all your sweaters, T-shirts and pants together. Approach everything like a jewelry box where earrings, bracelets and rings are also together. Doing so in the rest of your house, the risk is much smaller for you to lose small items.

Which of these clean home habits did you find most helpful?

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