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Small homes are on the rise, and consequently, we find smaller and smaller living spaces more prevalent in our daily lives. Naturally, there are a great number of benefits and advantages of living in a small house or apartment, and we would never wish to deter you from such an option. Such a choice does mean, however, that you must make some adjustments in your lifestyle to make the most out of your small space. On the other hand, if a tiny home is the result of the confines of your budget, you would surely still want to make the most out of it as well.

Today we will focus on a particular space in a small home, and one which will require great creativity and inspiration to design in a practical and aesthetically pleasing manner. We are speaking, of course, of the bathroom. In this regard, we present you with 5 inspirational bathroom designs today, all of which are situated in very limited dimensions, but are distinctive in character. These examples will provide you with plenty of ideas for what to do with your own. Let's begin our list!

1. Nature glow.

There are several elements involved in the excellent design of this bathroom, most notably the interior lighting that falls on the shelf as if the sun shines on it, as it would in nature. In addition, the green mats that simulate grass makes this little area feel like a bathroom in a prairie!

2. Elegant design for a narrow space.

Despite the narrow nature of this bathroom, it has everything you might need, as well as an elegant design. This is achieved by the use of luxury materials and a gray color scheme that brims with sophistication. 

3. Optimal utilisation of space

The interior architects took advantage of every corner in this bathroom. We find that the space between the sink and the shower room could be wasted, but they rather exploited it to be a space for the toilet, and as we can see inside the shower room, they used the walls to serve as shelves in the form of recessed shelving. 

4. Open the bathroom with a bright ceiling

This area of the bathroom is so small that it could be stifling, so they installed a skylight to bring in natural light, air and a grand feeling of spaciousness. What can be more relaxing than watching the morning clouds pass in the sky while you lay back in the tub?

5. Colored wall to draw attention

Lastly, we offer you this quirky bathroom space which draws on the use of rich colors to expand the space and lessen the claustrophobic experience. Such creativity and liveliness is a bold step, but we can definitely see it paid off in this image. 

These 5 ideas certainly have us thinking about small bathroom designs, and even how we would go about renovating a small bathroom. We hope you are just as inspired!

Which of these 5 small bathrooms did you find most inspiring? Tell us in the comment section! 

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