A traditional home with an outrageously sassy interior!

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You're going to take a look at the facade of this house and make certain assumptions about the interior, which we think will be totally wrong! We know this, because we did exactly the same thing! With rustic stonework, window irons, a pan-tile roof and fun striped awnings, this isn't a home that automatically looks as though it will have had an interior designer running wild inside it, but just wait until we show you!

An unassuming exterior!

Don't think that we're saying this home isn't stylish from the outside, as that's absolutely not what we're saying, we are simply pointing out that this terrifically traditional home really doesn't look as though it would have anything other than rustic interior motifs and old fashioned furniture. You have a big shock in store though!

Look again!

Erm… we had to check we were looking at the right interior when we first came across this picture, as could anything be more of a shock? An ultra modern kitchen is met by sleek flooring and an outrageously stylish suspended woodburner! What on earth is happening here?

Gigantic proportions.

From the outside, this home seemed a modest size, but once you'r inside, the space simply opens up, like a magic trick!

Materials matrix.

The use of materials here is almost confusing, but everything works so well together! Warm wood, bright white plaster, crystal clear glass and what looks to be sumptuous blue carpet are all working together to create an amazing visual!

Open plan and awesome.

The open plan design here really works wonders in the respect of making the main living space look and feel enormous! With long, lean furniture in place too, the width of the house is emphasised constantly! So clever!

Optical illusion!

What on earth is going on here? It looks like a mirror image, but in fact, the floating corridor divide separates to haves of the private space hallway, which we assume leads to bedrooms and bathrooms. Seriously though, what IS that blue carpet all about? It's so funky!

Sassy choices.

With such plain finishing in the communal living area, it's a delight to see something more fun and unusual in the bedrooms! This polka patterned wallpaper keeps everything contemporary and cool, but it does add in a little variety too!

Zesty color!

Why leave your bathroom to be the only boring space in the house, when everywhere else has been given such attention to detail? That must have been the thought process here, as this orange feature wall really adds a sense of fun to the most practical room in the home!The frosted windows, looking out over the blue carpeted garden space really keep the room feeling bright too!

Were you as shocked as we were by this interior? Would you have ever guessed that it looked like this on the inside? If you fancy seeing some more eclectic home design, take a look at this Ideabook: A modern chalet with eclectic flair.

Are you still in shock about this interior? Tell us in the comment section! 

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