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Summer is a harbinger of enjoying the outdoors- whether it be sunbathing with a selected read, a fun time outdoors with some music or simply enjoying a hearty meal with friends & family. The loyal companion always by your side, with a promise of wholesomeness, is the good old grill!

Today, at homify, we present you with some great grill ideas that you can implement in your outdoor spaces- terrace, garden or patio—to prepare & relish the savories with sunny warmth without having to shuttle in and out of the kitchen all the time.

Contemporary Creativity & Chic Comfort

This jazzy grill done up in modish fashion is an elaborate refined setting for a snug meal. If you love cooking and pouring out all your creativity on a platter gives you a high, this arrangement is a great option to dedicate a part of your garden/ terrace to an outdoor kitchen-dining.  Neutral tonality, sober colors, well used spaces, soothing surroundings and delimited sectors define this amazing set up with a swanky grill.

Homespun Grace for Modern Terrace

If rustic details are your thing, this idea is perfect for your outdoor kitchen. Putting together a furnace refractory like this one, you are all set for dishing out rich pies, breads and other goodies. With a body made of bricks to match the brick structures of the terrace, it is a great addition to the terrace kitchen. The set is complemented by a glossy & comfortable granite bar, stylish lighting to illuminate the bar area and a powerful chimney to take care of the fumes and odors. Lip smacking delicacies at the green comfort of your home, tempting indeed!

Stylish Novelty in Stone

The patio feature in this image has a fresh novelty, grace and lots of warmth. With an uncomplicated originality, this structure adds a contemporary edge to the patio. Armed with a cage-like wire frame filled with broken grey stones, it has in the center a sector of fire which can be employed as a grill/ fireplace. It has provisioning for proper circulation to rid of fumes & odors, creating a comfortable area for catching up with friends over some wine & a delectable spread like the one in this photo. The added touch of nature makes it even better.

Eclectic Essence of Soberness

A truly versatile electric grill, this one also bears a modern bench top. Under the cool shade of this tree, the grill-cum-kitchen unit has a pop up counter with stools for you to settle down & enjoy delicacies in a pleasant weather; it is connected to the interior dining room for a quick refill without having to make repeated trips to the main kitchen. A compact outdoor kitchen with the convenient electric grill, this setting is a real blessing for your backyard. It has storage solution too!

For Some Poolside Wholesomeness

A unique idea of incredible “outdoors”, this singular setting allows for soothing green & aqua views while you munch on the grilled goods. All credit to the interior architects & home decorators, the smartly conceived high ceilings go unnoticed. The high roof protects from inclement weather, but lets in all the light & fresh air. Lovely cane furniture, palliative vista and a welcoming atmosphere make for a great meal time on this terrace.

Aroma of Generosity

The photo of this outdoor kitchen with the lamb roast in progress is tempting enough. But that is not all. Good circulation & ventilation are essential to do away with fumes and odors. The set up shown here is a great option with the outdoor cooling cabinet positioned within the kitchen space in this Mediterranean garden. Installing a simple grid with three low walls along with a space to be used as a countertop, you have this wonderful set up. Underneath, there are cabinets with stainless steel doors that match the hood & duct, creating an interesting contrast with the rustic appeal of the brick elements. Don’t miss the wine cellar with glass & metal doors.

Now this will be a really tough invitation to pass! With the grill conveniently located on one side and good space optimization by placing a  wooden roof leaving some translucent avenues for natural light to filter in, this dining set in the garden is an ideal place for a memorable Sunday brunch.

A Folksy Tale of Tasty Warmth

Located within the garden done in rustic style, this set-up with the grill & wood oven looks straight out of a folktale that narrates about the playful elves & their dwellings. Perfect for adorning a corner of the garden, patio or terrace space, this unit is a truly practical and economical option owing to the raw materials (stone, cement & brick) used to construct it.

Clear Sumptuousness with Woody Accents

Integrated with the green terrace, this covered outdoor kitchen-cum-dining area has transparent sliding doors to offer visual relaxation while you relish your meal. The glass doors keep the interior warm and lend a cozy touch to the hearty ambiance. The space saving architectural design with added mellowness of wood further enhances the hearty feel of the dishes coming out of that simple yet elegant looking grill. The hood & duct system removes odors & smoke.

Clean Essence of Humility

An important point to remember while planning an outdoor kitchen is cleanliness. In a partially covered aspect, the kitchen usually accumulates leaves, dust, pests & trash which render the kitchen unsuitable for an area where food is kept/ eaten. A good solution is to go for materials like brick, stone, & wood alongside a neutral palette that get minimally contaminated and are easy to spot & clean. This space is vibrant with its colonial flavor, striking hues & down to earth components.

Sophisticated Touch of Elegance

What better way to finish up this ideabook than this spectacular Mediterranean terrace that has it all! Integrated with the garden space having a jazzy lounge in a fluid layout boasting of the pool next ahead, the kitchen-cum-dining space is simply WOW with a wooden roof, brick & ceramic floor, a jazzy tiled grill, modish counter, graceful dining set, stunning decor and endearing lighting.  Combining a grill with stainless steel oven embedded in a concrete countertop covered with small tiles that match the tiled wall lining, a truly urbane format has been created in this warm & elegant outdoor kitchen. Check out the golden glow of the wall lamps spilling onto the uneven wall surface… ..unbeatable!!

Which of these grill ideas are you going to spice up your weekend BBQ with?

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