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12 ways to add texture to your walls

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If tactile textures set your interior design fires alight, then this article is going to blow you away! While flocked wallpaper might have been the one and only texture option once upon a time, these days, almost anything goes, as long as it looks good and we've taken a look at what designers acknowledge is the crème de la crème of interior wall styles. If you've got a living room that needs livening up or a bedroom that could use a little va va voom, take a look at these amazing wall texture suggestions and see which you love the most!

1. Wood strips.

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When only warm vibes will do, natural wood is the perfect wall addition. It naturally insulates, adds a super tactile look and won't date either! 

2. Bare bricks.

industrial Dining room by MARIANGEL COGHLAN

Perfect for adding some simple, natural and understated texture to your walls, bare bricks look amazing and stripping the plaster isn't as hard as you might think. It is FAR messier though, so you might want to hire a professional!

3. Wood medleys.

Being so versatile, wood is perfect for combining with a host of other materials, including mirror glass or metal. This incredible wall is such a show stopper!

4. Green walls.

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For the ultimate in organic wall textures, simply grow some plants up them! Green walls are super popular right now and need little in the way of maintenance.

5. Natural stone.

In older or more rustic buildings, exposing the structural stone will always look phenomenal. Make a real feature of it too, by mounting wall art and televisions on it, and it will always look incredible!

6. Artificial stone.

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Natural Moss Bourdeaux


If real stone walls seem like too much effort, you can get the look simply and easily by adding thin stone cladding to interior walls. The textural impact is still hard hitting even if the application is easier!

7. 3D tiles.

These tiles look so cool that we want to reach out and touch them! Funky, almost retro in style and super interesting, they create an incredible feature wall that is really unique and far more exciting than a flat wall!

8. PVC panels.

modern Dining room by Studio²



Similarly to the 3D tiles, these PVC wall panels really add undulations to your walls that you want to reach out and stroke! What a way to liven up a dining room!

9. Textured tiles.

A wonderful way to combine a traditional wall covering with a more modern visual, ceramic tiles that are textured look amazing! Ina kitchen, we don't think we'd be able to concentrate on cooking because we'd be too busy running our hands over these!

10. Gypsum board.

Easy to cut, shape and create interesting structures from, gypsum board is a natural choice for making walls seem a little less flat and a whole lot more fun!

11. Textured wallpaper.

Woah! Talk about a fantastic finish! This textured wallpaper looks great, with a 3D rose effect, but painted a vivid pink, it REALLY stands out. What a great way to make a wall a genuinely interesting feature!

12. Quilted fabric.

Potentially just one for the bedroom, quilted fabric walls add a certain luxurious, sensual feel to a space. We dare you to try and tell us that you don't want to stroke this one!

For more great wall ideas, take a look at this Ideabook: 10 outstanding walls that will make your jaw drop.

Which of these ideas would you like to try in your home?
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