30 ideas to create a fabulous entrance for your home

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Architects just can't help themselves, when it comes to creating more and more unusual, eye-catching and simply stunning home entrances that make the rest of us yearn to update our own, as these amazing examples will show you! Far from simply being a case of adding a front door and maybe playing with the garden a bit, home entrances are fast becoming as vital as interior design schemes for really impressing guests. Take a look at this collection of some of our favourites and see if you might stumble upon a style that would work for your property!

1. Perfectly shaded with a wooden overhang.

3. Preceded by a wooden path.

4. Surrounded by natural stone.

5. Framed by multiple levels.

6. Accented with a feature wall.

7. Almost hidden from sight!

8. Joined by a plant-lined path.

9. With a Mediterranean flair.

10. Warm and welcoming in wood.

11. Under a granite frame.

12. Behind perfect rustic walls.

13. Under a stunning pergola.

14. Connected to a tiled roof porch.

15. Kept bright, modern and simple.

16. Atop perfectly lit stairs.

17. Perched on a high vantage point.

18. Part of a modern mosaic of whites and grays.

19. Kept stern, with slate walls.

20. Set right back from the street.

21. Hidden under a stone facade.

22. Found after a zen garden.

23. At the end of a long, impactful path.

24. Finished with a zingy-colored front door.

25. With added classic architectural motifs, like columns.

26. Beneath a surprise balcony.

27. Highlighted with reflective materials.

28. Carved from traditional wood.

29. Hidden by a beautiful garden.

30. Perfectly lit and framed with wood.

If you love seeing what people have done to make their homes really stand out, take a look at this Ideabook: 9 Awe Inspiring Doors Ideas.

Did any of these tempt you to rethink your entrance?

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