6 common décor mistakes you should always avoid

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We're not pointing the finger as we think we've all made at least one of these mistakes, but if we can help you not make them again, we will! 

Looking at before and after pictures, where interior designers have rectified decorating errors, we've picked out six of the most common that affect every room, from your kitchen to your bedroom, so take a look and prepare to get everything right during your next revamp!

1. Not testing wall colors first

If you're in the mood to pimp up your home, don't start by simply slapping on any paint color that you think you like. You need to see how different shades work with lighting and furniture, so always do a few test swatches before you commit!

2. Collecting a lot of clutter

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors - House in Northwood, London Adelina Iliev Photography Modern Study Room and Home Office
Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography for Kingshall Estates / Vastu Interiors—House in Northwood, London

Adelina Iliev Photography

What you think is a charming collection of items might actually just look like a big mess, which will always detract from an otherwise wonderfully decorated room.

Scale back on the knick-knacks!

3. Choosing the wrong size furniture for your space

SS16 Style Guide - Refined Monochrome Collection - Living Room LuxDeco Living roomSofas & armchairs

SS16 Style Guide—Refined Monochrome Collection—Living Room


You might want a sofa that's 18 feet long. However,  if your room is only 18 feet long in total, it's a bad choice! Always think about proportions and how easily you will be able to move around a room once all the furniture is in.

4. Having too much matching décor

We know that choosing a theme helps you to keep a room looking cohesive but you can take it too far. Step away from the matching bed linen, curtains, rugs and everything else and embrace a little contrast.

5. Not including enough lighting

Home Accessories rigby & mac Living roomLighting
rigby & mac

Home Accessories

rigby & mac

Do you like to see what you're doing? So do we! So always give a lot of thought to what style of lighting you install and don't just plump for any design. 

Think of your lighting as being a vital component, like you would a sofa or a bed.

6. Rushing the process

Indie Style Interiors - simply perfect living room style Indie Style Interiors Living room
Indie Style Interiors

Indie Style Interiors—simply perfect living room style

Indie Style Interiors

Stop, breathe and relax. Decorating your home should be fun and exciting, so don't try to rush it because that's when you make silly compromises and mistakes. 

Enjoy the whole process of planning, buying and installing new schemes and you'll find that you love your home even more at the end!

For more home design advice, take a look at this Ideabook: 21 top home decorating ideas that won't cost a penny!

Are you ready to take on a DIY project now? Tell us how you get on! 

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