How to use feng shui to bring luck into your home

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 The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui has existed for thousands of years; it concerns the flow of energy – qi – around the home and how that affects your wellbeing.

Applying feng shui principles to the home is based on the idea that your surrounds will affect not only your material comfort, but also your relationships, success and health.

Traditional feng shui incorporates some superstitions and beliefs that would induce a healthy amount of scepticism in most people, and western marketing has repackaged the philosophy into a lucrative new age self-help scheme. However, your surroundings undoubtedly affect your mood and outlook, which affects your mental health, which in turn affects your physical health, so feng shui is certainly not without merit. 

 Can it bring you luck?

 Who knows, but it may help you to think more positively, which is more conducive to seeing opportunity. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few feng shui tips that might help you feel more fortunate.

1. Create a clean and tidy space

 The first step to incorporating feng shui into your home is having a good clean! Before you can begin, you must ensure you home is clean and organised; mending anything that is broken and creating a peaceful, focused space.

2. Natural light

 Allowing plenty of natural light into your home will make for a brighter and more positive living space. Sunlight is essential for the body to absorb vitamin D and it affects mood, as previously mentioned a positive outlook is essential for seeing opportunity and capitalising on fortunate events.

3. Plants/flowers

 In the practice of feng shui it’s believed that displaying flowers in the home will bring good fortune. Plants and flowers will certainly make your home feel more vibrant, and perhaps elevate mood. Feng shui professionals swear by it… you should too.

4. Furniture placement

 The placement of furniture is very important in feng shui, and there are many guiding principles such as: arranging your living room furniture in a circular formation to aid in the flow of energy, and placing the bed in a diagonal position from the door rather than directly in front of it.

 One principle that has undeniably practical implications is placing the desk in a position that allows you to survey the room, while deliberately avoiding placing it in front of a window. In feng shui there are metaphysical justifications for doing this which one may or may not believe, but practically speaking it places you in a comfortable, commanding position without the distraction of peering out of the window; it might not increase your luck, but it could increase your productivity.

5. Good luck symbol

Lucky Bamboo - Feng Shui for the home! Perfect Plants Ltd Interior landscaping
Perfect Plants Ltd

Lucky Bamboo—Feng Shui for the home!

Perfect Plants Ltd

 Finally, you could add a few good luck symbols such as a bamboo plant by the door, a dragon painting, or red lanterns. These may or may not bring you luck, but there’s no harm in trying, right?

 … As long as you don’t add too many and clutter up the place!

 Feng shui is all about the flow of energy, if you want a coherent and flowing home, then check out this guide. Alternatively, read on for feng shui tricks to attract money into your home.

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