How to create a beautiful garden in a small space

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As property prices increase and budget constraints make small houses the only viable option for many, it is fortunate to be able to have a little space outside the house! Even a small outdoor space can be transformed into a fascinating patio or a gorgeous garden – a cozy space where you can commune with nature, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your morning cuppa! So here are 9 ways that you can maximize the potential of your precious outdoor space – have a look and get inspired!

​1. Serene garden.

What a lovely, tranquil little garden complete with rustic bench and trimmed grass, and dotted with plants and cheerful flowers. Enjoy a quiet read or relax with a glass of chilled lemonade on a warm summer evening!

2. ​Vintage wickerwork.

The hanging wicker chairs and trendy glass-topped wicker table look attractive teamed with the rustic lamps overhead. The array of plants is a lovely splash of colour.

3. ​Slender haven.

A long and narrow outdoor space can also make an exceptional patio. A masonry wall and wooden floor work well with the narrow, stylish rustic furniture hugging one wall. Small shrubs and slender potted plants are ideal for this space.

4. A riot of textures.

The many-coloured and many-textured appearance of this small courtyard makes for a lively ambience. The small wooden nook, stone floor, rustic furniture and hanging baskets combine for a tropical feel. The unique stone wall is a masterstroke!

5. ​Pristine white.

The immaculate white décor of this peaceful patio seems to be inspired by the Mediterranean. The backdrop of trees and flowers adds to its charm.

6. ​Tantalizingly tropical.

A small patio can even be transfigured into a tropical paradise! This is a simply breathtaking space with its rough-hewn stone wall, palms, ferns, and exquisite bamboo fountains!

7. ​Outdoor dining.

What a wonderful environment in which to enjoy an outdoor meal! This patio is easily integrated with the interior by means of the sliding glass doors. The pretty garden looks cozy and relaxing.

8. ​Inner courtyard.

A narrow inner courtyard works well with a dramatic accent wall dotted with plants. A bed of plants along one wall enhances the effect and brings nature indoors.

9. ​staggered Lighting.

The lush green backdrop, concrete bench, wooden floor and colourful tiles work cohesively to make a pretty patio. The lighting is at different levels, and the combination of the recessed ceiling light, lamps and recessed bench lights has a magical effect!

Gain inspiration from this selection of delightful patios and give your outdoor space a splash of pizzazz! Here is a list of few more ideas to inspire you— 20 Creative Ideas For A Charming Front Garden!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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