​Abandoned Farmhouse Turns Into Dream Home

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WAKACYJNY DOM NA PODLASIU - METAMORFOZA, YNOX Architektura Wnętrz YNOX Architektura Wnętrz
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Tired of the hectic routine of an urban lifestyle, many of us would love to be able to move to a slower-paced country setting and reside in a delightful rural residence. Following the same thought, a Polish couple bought an abandoned farmhouse in the scenic region of Podlasie, Poland and decided to give it a thorough makeover. With the expert team at Ynox Interior Design taking charge of the project, the derelict property has been transformed into the beautiful Holiday House, converting the owners’ dream into reality. Let’s have a look at the charming restoration work!

​Before: Ramshackle Entrance

The entrance to the house needs a complete overhaul. Just look at the terrible state of the walls and the mess of weeds all around!

​After: Rustic Glory

What a makeover! The elevated entrance has turned into a cozy patio! The fresh pastel hues of the brick pillar and floor perfectly balance the rich color of the elegantly slatted wooden walls.

​Before: Dilapidated Facade

The farmhouse looks rickety and run-down and is in desperate need of a facelift. The aged wooden façade looks like it could crumble at any moment!

​After: Serene Country Home

What a sophisticated transformation! The sleek and sturdy facade with its rich mahogany and grey color palette and new windows sits impressively against the lush green trees and swaying wheat fields.

​Before: Dismal Kitchen

The drab, dirty walls and floor paired with the sickly tiles create a most unpleasant effect. The kitchen had to be stripped to its foundation for a major restoration.

​After: Rural Charm

What a mind-boggling makeover! Large windows set in delightful timber are teamed gorgeously with the wooden countertop and attractive dining table set.  The white roof, appliances and light curtains all come together to create a charming, bright and cozy environment!

​Before: Dismal Living Area

The former living area was indeed a distressing sight!

​After: Vivacity Abounds

The new living area is just too delightful for words! Nestled within cozy timber walls and floor, this space is jazzed up by playful splashes of blue and red that add pure energy and cheerfulness to the living room.

​Before: Room Of Horror

This horrific space surely cannot be a bathroom! It would be better to stay unwashed than venture inside this creepy, dirty space!

​After: Fairytale Bathroom

Very much in tune with the rest of the house, the bathroom is a magical marvel made of wood. The effect is rich, warm and rustic and the natural charm of raw timber is undeniable!

Ynox Interior Design’s restoration of this abandoned farmhouse has worked a treat – what wonderful inspiration to make your country home! Did you like the story, here's another one to give to inspiring ideas - 3D makeover of an abandoned derelict home!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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