14 ideas to decorate the wall of your room (easy and modern!)

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Your walls and ceiling dominate the room, and since you end up spending most of your time in your room, it needs some updates from time to time. While we pay more attention to the furniture, bedding and other details, how many of us actually pay attention to the walls of our room? The walls of any space are often under used and overlooked as the defining ingredient in the room. Take this tour to find out how you can use your walls to make your room shine.

​Memories on the walls

You can freeze your memories and arrange them in various patterns on the walls to make a warm statement.

​Rustic good looks

Use elements like bricks for a back to the basics look. Layer the space with a platform bed and light-hued furniture to keep it casual.

​Play with colours

You can use two colors in your space with one accent wall that gives it a contrasting look. This will give your space a colorful lift. Take a cue from this bedroom designed by the architects at Estudio Sespede Arquitectos.

​Patterned beauty

You can play with patterns on the wall with a contrasting pattern like stripes on the upholstery and bedding as well.

N​eutrals and a mirror

Use neutral hues on the wall and add a large mirror on one side to make the room look larger.

​Graphic theme

Use a graphic element to create a theme in the room. This can be done by adding a single, larger-than-life piece of art.

​Wall decals

Wall vinyl or decals are in vogue. You can add a pretty set of decals to do up a wall, while the rest of the bedding remains plain.

​Tranquil pastels

Use pastels on your wall to make a soothing statement and layer it with pastel accents like these birds.

​Artistic bearings

Give your room an artistic touch by adding vibrant art on the walls, which can mirror the colours of the furniture and bedding.

​Rustic style

The stone wall texture can be used with plenty of wooden elements to give it a rustic touch even in a modern room.

​Exposed concrete wall

The exposed concrete wall here gives it a loft-like appeal. You can layer the space with plenty of solid-hued elements like the bedding.

​Self-hued textures

You can use self-hued patterns and textures to create a luxurious look with an understated vibe. Use a contrast coloured lighting on the sides like these black lamps to highlight the textures along with the mirrors to make an impact.

​Bright hues

Use bright and vibrant hues on an accent wall with a decal in the colour of the rest of the walls to attain a cohesive and fun look. This way you can flip the colours and create a specific theme in your room as well.

​Interior greenery

Use some interior landscaping to create a quirky and green statement like this vertical garden in your space. Use a neutral or pastel hue on the wall for a playful statement. 

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