19 small home facades to see before you change yours

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A small house need not necessarily be simple. Decor options today offer many styles for small spaces, and having limited dimensions is no excuse for a house without warmth. Each style brings incredible results that can be adapted in the best way to your personality. 

When we speak of the facade, seeking the boldest possibilities is essential, after all, this is the postcard of your home, the first impression that your house will pass to all your friends and family. Going to sleep with the assurance that you are living in an interesting house is not bad idea either.  

To show you some very interesting ideas to increase the visual value of a small house, we bring you these 20 examples of houses with lots of personality and offer you the opportunity to explore their lines. These are examples of how, regardless of the size, it is always a good idea to have a professional look to explore what is best in architecture and that will fit in your home. For this, follow us, check out all the beautiful designs below, and get inspired to make your home the best place in the world!

1. Modern and impressive

With elongated walls that add up in different colors, this small house offers great discretion and a certain grandeur in its facade. Above the gate, large wooden slats bring a touch of creativity to the design.

2. Discreet input

For those who prefer total discretion, this beautiful design brings only a small door of solid wood as the main entrance of the home. There are other details that describe the interior of the small house with long volumes in the background.

3. Modern garage division

This amazing house was designed with great creativity in its facade. The main volume has large ceilings, combining well with coverage of the pergola at the entrance of the house. On the right, we see a large, dark block which divides the main entrance from the garage space.

4. Valuable coatings

In this project, we can note the plurality of coatings and contrasting textures in the home. Ahead, the small volume brings stone coatings with a central rectangular window.

5. Simple touches

This small townhouse had the wide white color presence in all its main volume, with the contrast of a small door of solid wood. 

6. Strong personality

The architects designed this gate with a hollow design, including volumes with stone flooring and the use of red in front, left this little house with a strong personality that is very interesting.

7. Adaptation

Adapting to the ground with great depth, but without much width, resulted in a modern and creative design for all the available space was very well used. Simply incredible!

8. Elegance

If your option is based on solutions that denote elegance, the presence of the wood will be very interesting for the facade. In this project, the main door, the ceiling and the windows, make up a stylish set for this small house.

9. Symmetric

This small house in rectangular shape had a perfect distribution of the elements of its facade. The idea for a symmetrical design was amazing.

10. Minimalist design

In this design, the beauty of the upper blocks that overlap the ground floor results in a small house of minimalist and very interesting style.

11. Functional

For this small project to remain functional to the maximum, the upper block was designed to provide protection for the garage. A great idea for those who need to do a lot with little space.

12. Using the length of the building

Where there was only a little width of space available, this home was  planned with good solutions. Downstairs, the steel gate gives space to serve as a garage, while on the upper floor, the structural design of the house serves as inspiration for the small door and window.

13. Creative details

In this beautiful facade, the details in white amid the stone coating gives a wonderful visual contrast.The beautiful idea perfectly appreciated the facade of the house with large ceilings.

14. No windows

In this incredible design, the elongated nature of the façade provides a beautiful contrast between light tones and dark lines. The peculiarity that draws our attention, is the lack of windows in extent, which left the personality of even more unique design.

15. A colorful touch

In this beautiful facade with a pergola structure, the presence of a large volume painted in orange gives it a bit more joy and creativity to the project. A simple but great idea.

16. Soft volumes

In this home, we can note the presence of two large volumes, being drawn main entrance more extended way to the street. We can also notice the always great combination between white and wood accents, resulting in always fashionable designs.

17. Floating

The large upper block in this project is designed to extend way ahead, which gives the feeling of a floating block. This is an  inspirational design for those who love homes with urban inspirations.

18. Bricks

Red bricks always offer very friendly results for facades. In this project with broad lines and large transparent windows, it was no different. 

19. Concrete facade

Finally, we have for you this beautiful design with concrete facade. The sweeping lines of the front wall bring the urban concrete touch that adds up very well with the presence of white walls. This is the perfect inspiration for anyone who loves a little home with great personality.

Now that you have plenty ideas to update your small home's facade, you can go ahead and work on the entrance as well!

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