18 Staircase Designs That Will Look Fabulous In Small Houses

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Obviously staircases play an integral part to a home—by either connecting different floors of the house, or providing access to a mezzanine level or a high bed. They can also be quite bulky structures that take up a lot of room with wide stairs. Not only can this be a nightmare to fit into smaller houses, but they also leave pokey, awkwardly shaped spaces underneath which are hard to use for any other purpose. 

Because of these problems, we have collected 18 different examples of staircases that are suited to small homes, as well as great ideas on how to utilize the space underneath them. Floating staircases that are installed in a side wall are a good solution, or stacked steps that double as a bookcase is another valuable idea worth trying at home. 

Staircases can be either hidden and subtle, or made into a stunning feature with all sorts of glowing lights. The variety is huge, and prove you don't have to think conventionally or traditionally when it comes to elevation. Let's take a look. 

1. Soft Curves

The organic, flowing shape of this wood and metal staircase is ideal to use in the back of a home, or in a hard-to-use corner where there is little room for anything else. The curvy design makes it easy to be adjusted to the area it is in, making sure you don't waste any space in a small home. 

Using the area underneath for decorative furniture or even as a place to keep pot plants will make sure it doesn't look strange and empty. 

2. Total Elegance

The wide, boxy design of this elegant wooden staircase means there is a slow and gradual incline that is suited to connect split levels rather than to be used in between different floors. 

If you have beautiful old wooden floorboards like these, then why not carry the look through the house by using the same wood on the staircase. And when that dark wood is contrasted with white walls and illuminated by low lighting like it is in this home, it will be glamorous with that touch of magic. 

3. Futuristic Spiral

Made from thick perspex and metal and built around a fireman—type pole, this staircase doesn't need much room at all. The stairs wind so tightly around the center point that this would be suited to use between a mezzanine level and a ground floor. 

While it's not the widest staircase, the metallic bars that wrap around the outside make it safe and secure so you can use it early in the morning even while still sleepy without worrying about falling! 

4. Colorful Modernism

An ideal place to use block colours, and to try out unconventional materials, a staircase can be a modernistic statement piece like this one. Don't be afraid to try out bright colours, or strong contrasting ones, like this aqua/turquoise with white and black.

5. Multi-Functional And Multi-Level

A real innovative design, this stacked shelf bookcase by STUDIO MIEKE MEIJER solves two problems in a small home at once. Using the space underneath the different steps for storing books and even for an office desk, this staircase becomes a real asset. Try incorporating another function into your staircase for maximum use of space. 

6. An Industrial Ladder

As this slim, industrial style ladder by BUERO PHILIPP MOELLER shows, you really don't need bulky stairs to get to the next level. The thin metal rails and slim wooden stairs makes this design elegant, yet still a bit rustic. Think about matching the interior of your home and you will probably come up with our own unique staircase design.  

7. Gothic Influence

Another great spiral staircase that is tucked into the back of the house, this one designed by BLOCCO 8 ARCHITETTURA shows off it's gothic influence. With the dark metallic base, caramel wooden stairs and low lighting, this is one dramatic piece. Using underneath the stairs for a giant plant is an easy and cost effective way to fill up that empty space. 

For 12 more great ideas on using that pesky space underneath your stairs, check these ideas out.

8. Pull Down Staircase

If you are really tight on floorspace, then a drop down staircase like this could be just what you need. This lightweight design by German architect MICHAEL FLAGMEYER means it's easy to pull down and to push back up again, without doing damage to your arms. 

9. Light It Up

What an idea, and what an effect! If you want to make your staircase a talking point, then why not try this simple yet striking design by RAILING LONDON LTD. 

You don't need much—blocks of glass or perspex are built into the wall to ensure stability and a glowing neon railing added alongside. It couldn't be easier to create your own walkable piece of art.

10. Safe And Stylish

Sometimes staircases are integral to the structure of a building, like in this rustic home designed by NASH BAKER ARCHITECTS LTD. And sometimes they can be dark an even a bit dangerous. That problem can be easily solved by running some LED lights along the edge, not only for safety, but also to make a staircase seriously stylish.

11. Mixing Materials

The combination of wood and metal in this staircase is what makes it a stand out for us. We also love the thin, vertical metal bars that connect the railing with the steps. Elegant, artistic and dignified. 

12. An Update On Tradition

This traditional style staircase has been given not only a coat of white paint, but also a modern twist. In stunning contrast to the dark wooden floorboards, this staircase is far from old fashioned and outdated. The slip-proof royal blue carpet not only is for safety, but adds a beautiful dash of colour.  

13. Beautifully Minimal

Utilizing the far wall of the living room perfectly, this wooden and metal floating staircase is a delightful, minimalist design. It matches the sleek and sophisticated style of the interior and doesn't complicate things. A good reminder that a staircase doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles to be a feature piece. 

14. Get Expressive With Wood

If you have a narrow hallway like this, you will probably require an inventive staircase. So why not imitate this playful, artistic wooden creation? While being slim and compact, it is also expressive and eccentric. The perfect addition to an otherwise underwhelming corridor. 

15. A Modern Masterpiece

With this grand staircase, it's the materials that make it magnificent. The combination of glass, wood, steel and concrete makes quite the statement, and the design is compact, perfectly positioned in the corner of the entranceway. Quite simply: this is a modern masterpiece. 

16. A Romantic Ramp

This wooden staircase doesn't have anything more than what is needed. A straightforward design, it's priority is function and durability. Built from the same opulent wood used throughout the room, it sits almost unnoticeably on the back wall of the office. The low hanging lighting gives it a romantic touch.  

17. A Sophisticated Spiral

If you are looking for a staircase that needs to connect multiple floors, then are probably looking for something like this design by PADI COSTRUZIONI. It's not overly complicated, but definitely ticks all the right boxes—it complements the interior, doesn't take up huge amounts of space, and is an attractive design. That's a win in our books. 

18. The Bare Essentials

The final staircase in this collection is another prime example of minimalism done right. With two simple metal railings and floating wooden steps set into the wall, this is all you need to have a great staircase. And that informal table and chair arrangement is also a great way to use the space near the landing. Simply fantastic!

We hope you'll agree that this is one collection of fantastic staircases worth copying in your own home. 

We want to have that glowing, floating staircase from No. 9. What one would you pick?

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