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Wimbledon LEIVARS Modern Bedroom
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From a young age, our bedrooms are a very personal space that reflect our personalities and provide us with a safe and comfortable place to relax. The bedroom isn't merely a place to crash out at 11pm: it's the first place we're responsible for keeping tidy, for cleaning, and for decorating in our teens. It's sometimes the place we go to hang out with friends, or to hide away in after a breakup. Its where we get dressed and ready in the morning before going out and achieving our goals. It often becomes a shared space when we meet our partner: a life event often accompanied by disagreements on décor and who is most guilty of stealing the covers for themselves. 

However you spend time in your bedroom; whether you're a night owl that doesn't spend much time in bed, or a self-proclaimed lazy-bones who always wants another 5 minutes of sleep in the morning, your bedroom deserves attention. Whether you like it or not, your bedroom says more about you than you think, so put some thought into how you decorate it and make it a positive reflection to be proud of. 

Here are some design ideas that might help you on the road to achieving your perfect bedroom:

Soft furnishings

A key element to consider when decorating your bedroom is the fabrics and soft furnishings you use. Your bed should be so comfortable you can't bear to leave it: soft Egyptian cotton sheets teamed with duckdown pillows will guarantee you a good few hours of shut-eye, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for anything. Avoid heavy materials on your bed, as there's nothing worse than over-heating and having a bad night's sleep. You can layer up thinner throws for cold nights and remove them as the temperature changes during the night. Silk is a great material to achieve that luxurious bedroom you've always wanted, but keep it to decorative scatter cushions that can be taken off the bed, as it isn't the most comfortable material to sleep on. 

Personal touches

Making your bedroom special is all in the personal touches, like photos and ornaments you've collected over the years, or you've received as gifts. Why not display a photo that you've taken yourself and are particularly proud of. However, your artistic eye doesn't have to be restricted to typical forms of decoration: think outside the box and choose quirky drawer handles, unusual headboards and funky light stands like the bubble design on the left.

Country style bedrooms

Wimbledon LEIVARS Modern Bedroom



Traditional, country style bedrooms have been popular for a long time and when done right, can look elegant and feminine. Introducing too many vintage patterns can look a little 'try hard', so stick to one statement print for the walls or bedspread. Blues and pinks can fit in nicely with a shabby chic theme when matched with neutral carpets and furniture. If you can think of better things to do than putting on, and taking off, piles of little decorative pillows every day, then this chic body pillow might be the sort of thing you need!

Wall art

Mauve and purple can look sophisticated without making the bedroom too dark. It's a luxurious colour and it's never difficult to find attractive interiors to match this popular colour scheme.

You might not have considered wall stencils before, but they're definitely not just for the kid's playroom. There are plenty of tasteful stencils for your bedroom, such as this Japanese-inspired cherry blossom which delicately frames the window. If you're not sure about applying one to an entire wall, smaller patterns can be applied around the door frame or bedside table. 

Dressing area

Camberwell Victorian House My Bespoke Room Ltd Modern Bedroom
My Bespoke Room Ltd

Camberwell Victorian House

My Bespoke Room Ltd

Continuing with the purple theme, this dressing area is a great example of how darker shades can look classy in the bedroom without being overbearing. A plush purple carpet injects vibrancy into an otherwise monochrome room. 

Many of us often wish we had an entire dressing room to hold all of our much loved fashion pieces, and hide all of our sales shopping regrets. However, you don't need alot of space to create a nice dressing area. Choose a spot below the window for a small dressing table in order to utilise natural light. 

Matching furniture is always a safe bet if you're not so keen on a mismatched vintage look. Attractive vintage-style furniture can be bought as part of a collection, letting you sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that it all looks great together. 

Luxury bedroom

If you're lucky enough to be faced with the dilemma of how to furnish a large bedroom, take some inspiration from this exceptional room: one of many in a beautiful, modern home on London's ‘Billionaire’s Row’. Everything about this decadent room is opulent in the extreme, from the velvet chairs and cushions to the shimmering marble floors. The white walls give the room a modern edge and the reflective cabinets are also very contemporary.  

Pastel colours

This room is a modern twist on the country style home theme. The pastel pinks and blues are not too dissimilar to what we've seen already, but they have a different effect when mixed with sleek modern furniture, clean lines and bare walls. It goes to show that you can use pastels in your bedroom without sacrificing your preferences for modern interiors. 

If you want to know more about decorating a classic home with modern furniture, check out this ideabook, or maybe you still need some more bedroom design ideas?

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