15 fantastic front doors and gates!

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The front door of the house is a golden opportunity that can be exploited to express your personality and give your guests a little taste of your personal style that can be expected in the rest of your home's design. In addition, the front door or gate of the house can function as a focal point to attract the eyes of your neighbors. 

The front door can tell a lot about your house and those who inhabit it. It is that first impression you give to outsiders of the home, and as we all know (cliche, but true), first impressions last. This is more than enough reason for you to spend a decent amount of time on considering what your front door should look like, and planning a feature that is sure to match your design style and personal taste. 

Therefore, we here at homify bring you 15 great front door & gate ideas which can function as inspiration for deciding on your own. Let's begin!

1. Decorative masonry

In this design, the gate is decorated with latticework and provides security between the front door and outside.

2. Elegant wood

Wooden doors are still the favorites to be installed in homes, both inside and outside. They are safe and wear-resistant, if maintained properly. No wonder they're so popular!

3. A spectacular combination of materials

The lightness of the glass front door of the house combines perfectly with stone, wood and metal, combining all the elements with their own unique personality and character.

4. A grate feature

Here, a grate has been installed next to the front door, creating a majestic effect. 

5. The strength of steel

Steel is stronger than fibreglass or wood, so it provides the best security, but it can't hide the passage of time as a wooden or glass door might. 

6. Warmth and comfort

In the image of this house, we can observe how the neutral tones allow the door to become the protagonist of the space, accompanied by a nice little front garden that helps to highlight the natural beauty of the design.

7. A door with great presence

Wood offers many advantages when designing a door, with colors, designs, and types that can suit any plan or budget. 

In another design, where the concrete is presented as the main material, this double door breaks with its toughness despite its size and strength, offering a warm welcome.

8. Frosted glass

The force transmitted by this door is exceptional. The glass seems to withstand the effect of the large volume that serves as a cover to the house, finding support in the marble frame that emphasizes the door. For added security, frosted glass is the best choice, because privacy protects the inner housing.

9. Using a light path

This door is extremely original and spectacular, as the long road that leads up to it increases the personality of this fantastic entrance. 

10. Industrial details

In another example of the alliance of wood with concrete, we have this design where wood is presented in its natural state on both the door and the access cover. 

11. Glass is good

A glass door is ideal to let more light in to the home and it will allow us to maintain visual contact with the outside, integrating internal rooms of the house. Glass gives the illusion of larger spaces due to its transparency and lightness. In this example, a vibrant contrast is achieved with the presence of the red wall, which does not produce a tightness thanks to the glass and yet, highlights the beauty of the door.

12. Vibrant colors

This small door takes advantage of its vibrant red color to create a dramatic and sensational impact at the entrance of the house.

13. Details that make a difference

There are a variety of items that can make the entrance of our home a success. The road or the staircase leading to the front door can earn freshness and add a colorful touch with potted flowers of bright colors. In this example, the contrast of wood, metal and black glass achieves a refined and elegant combination..

14. An elongated and imposing door

The front door of the house is an important element in architecture and design and above all should provide security, so when choosing it, we must consider the aesthetics of the house as well as issues of acoustic and thermal insulation.

15. Light and floating

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This beautiful wooden door gives the feeling of being embedded in the stone walls that make it appear to be floating. The detail of frosted glass cutout on the door adds a unique touch which breaks the hardness of the overall architecture.

Now that you've have plenty of ideas for your front door's design, you can go ahead and beautify this space as well.

Which of these doors did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section! 

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