Rustic interior: 8 kitchens that you need to see

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Kitchens are no longer what they once were: areas of the house we only entered to prepare meals. In time gone by, these rooms of the house were primarily functional and not meant for spending much time in otherwise. 

In the past, kitchens were furnished just enough so that the functionality was the order of the day without giving attention to decorative details or innovative designs. Today, the story is different. Kitchens inspire various activities within its walls, and not only the culinary, work-related tasks traditionally associated with the space, but also study or family recreation. What it does is that through good taste, it has preserved a warmth that invites you to stay and feel comfortable. 

When we get into particulars, the rustic design style is an excellent medium which many choose to preserve this spirit of the kitchen. Here are 8 examples to prove it…

1. Everything in view

One of the secrets of a rustic kitchen is related to making it look like a lively and fresh space, to awaken the smell of our forefathers' homes that we reminisce about. So, the idea of hanging pots, pans or utensils talks about an interior that is always ready to be lived in and enjoyed. If the accessories are copper, even better, because these are associated with a traditional country setting.

2. Brick doing its job

Wood is not the only protagonist in a rustic kitchen. Brick can be a great amalgam to enrich the atmosphere. The idea is to return to those simple and naked forms and natural materials that provide a cozy and warm feeling on the surfaces. Brick has the essential features that add a visual amplitude to the space.

3. Wood has no limit

There is no limit to the use of wood when we speak of a beautiful kitchen. Perhaps it can seem a bit exaggerated to use this noble material extensively, but it will easily carry all of the warmth which you want to communicate. 

Wood can appear in different textures and shades, respecting their natural grain or some shabby surface, giving you an added vintage touch that is also in line with current trends. 

4. Painting walls

In this project, they painted walls along very well with this rustic style of kitchens today. They possibly used the boldest shades that blend perfectly with the simplicity of materials such as wood, stone and brick. The concept is an atmosphere that invites all the time to inhabit the space and freshness and vitality are seen in every detail.

5. Age prevails

Rustic kitchens tend to pay tribute to the past, with the addition of elements that have been part of history or ancestors. The familiar appears through ancient artefacts, accessories and apparel that we knew in the kitchens of yesteryear.

A wood stove can be an excellent addition in a country tone. Should you not use it as a fireplace, you can still keep the design of those times for a good effect.

6. Don't forget the wicker

A component that cannot be missed in a rustic kitchen, is wicker. This natural fiber brings a country atmosphere which is part of the warmth you need this setting. Baskets, chairs or drawers of this material incorporate its unique and traditional texture.

7. Be mindful when it comes to countertops

Countertops are an essential element in any kitchen, but in a rustic one it is necessary that the material has a strong presence. Wood can be a favorite because of its close association with the style. However, stone or mosaics are lovely contributions acclimated to this space where simple and pure surfaces prevail.

8. Light is necessary

Natural lighting plays a vital role in the setting of rustic kitchens. Let there be light in the use of the materials, textures and shapes that will add that warm touch and are still as cool as necessary.

Which of these 8 rustic kitchen ideas did you like the most?

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