5 modern houses (with floor plans) that will inspire you to design yours

Residência Unifamiliar Condomínio Alphaville Londrina 2 Tony Santos Arquitetura
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The blueprint created by the architects is the backbone of any home. This framework is the base, on which you can build the home of your dreams. The role of an architect is indispensable for the coordinated implementation of any residential project—it is the architect who incorporates your vision & wishes into his/ her ideas to present you with your ideal snug pad. 

With this ideabook, we at homify offer you a sneak peek into five contemporary homes that impress with their inspiring floor plans & their excellent execution. Exemplifying tasteful modern architecture, these 5 houses have been built upon a framework of modish elegance & sophisticated practicality that perfectly nail the brief of the clients’ dream home. Have a look!

1. Glassy Green Grace for the Rear

The backside of this sample of exquisite architectural design shows sliding glass doors spanning from floor to ceiling, and balconies on the upper floor. At the rear end, the house opens to huge manicured lawns with trees as well as ornamental plants- a really rejuvenating vista.

Modern Magnificence on two Levels

Designed as a family home, this modern house with an essence of Mexican architecture is a visual treat as is evident from the front facade. Making use of colors, materials & textures like wood, tile & stone conveys the typical characteristics of traditional Mexican architecture. The amazing outcome is the  perfect medley of space, light, repose and refined taste.

Grounded by Design

The floor plan for ground floor reveals the corner location of this house; this level houses the living room space.

Privacy… Check!

The first floor bears three cozy bedrooms equipped with dressing room & bathroom; this floor also has a private family room for comfy lounging with the near & dear ones.

2. Minimalist & Current with a Spectacular Entry

Simple yet stunning, this two-story house shines in subtle grandeur of the contemporary design. The home proudly sits on a green carpet, creating an unforgettable view for the neighborhood & passerby alike. The bright entrance speaks volumes about the remarkable architecture.

Double Height Wonder for an Open Interior

Impressive interior design with a fresh feature of double height adorns this open plan layout for the living room. The eclectic living room furniture adds to the chic looks alongside the noteworthy staircase with glass guardrail. The expansive windows bathe the huge interior space with natural light.

Functionalities Galore

The house bears the garage, living room, kitchen, TV lounge, bathroom sink, utility area, gourmet/ dining space and garden/ lawn area on the ground level.

Compact Upstairs

Planta do pavimento superior Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Planta do pavimento superior

Tony Santos Arquitetura

The compact upper floor houses bedrooms- each with its own bathroom, an office and garden space in a functionally rich design.

3. Grand Family Comfort, Tranquil Environs

This minimalist house sitting on a large plot area boasts of an appearance signifying homestyle repose for the family. The frontage is elegant with inviting woody warmth for the main entrance which is flanked by garage space on both sides. The ornamental greens lining the entrance way to the wooden door add a refreshing touch to the basal white grace. The location of the house imparts it an essence of rejuvenating sophistication.

Wood and White mean Hearty

The fluid layout of this mellow minimalist kitchen-cum-dining area conveniently houses the well equipped kitchen with plenty of storage as well as the tastefully functional dining space. The mellowness of wood predominates with the base of the  kitchen counter, storage cabinets, dining table as well as the credenza. The designer pendant light and tiny ceiling LEDs add luminosity to the space bathed in warm sunlight. A truly welcoming interior!

Centered on Green Relief

The blueprint of the ground floor shows the different indoor & outdoor home spaces like the kitchen, dining room, terrace, etc. The main highlights are the big pool flanked by green spaces and the big tree almost at the center of the ground level layout.

Upper Level Comfort

Upstairs we find mainly the bedrooms with the dressing room and bathrooms.

4. Single, Simple, Superb

This single story modern house bears a really neat look in its unblemished white appearance. Straight lines, modest wood, green & glass entrance, stone tiled passageway and surrounding manicured greenery make this no-frills front facade dazzle.

Clearly Chic Rear-side

The rear façade is sensational with a generous dose of glass in a white setting. This view amazes with the basic pool, white outdoor lounge furniture and the lovely peek of the modish interior space through the transparent doors & windows. The lone wooden door looks elegant in a glassy & white backdrop. The lavish greens soothe the senses.

Serene & Sophisticated Interiors

No words are enough to describe the divine feel of this white magic complemented brilliantly by the refreshing touch of vibrant upholstery & warm wooden accents.

Sound Planning

The floor plan of this astonishing single-story home lays down the thoughtful integration of different home spaces, executed beautifully.

Take a look at this ideabook to see how simplicity can uplift a home with latent style & modernity!

5. Simply Arresting in Wood and Stone

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort Tony Santos Arquitetura Modern Houses
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort

Tony Santos Arquitetura

The stone & wood paneled face of this 2 level home with a lush green touch captivates with its simplistic essence wrapped in chic magnificence. Look at the copper colored front décor!

Multi- Practicality Downstairs

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

Casa no Royal Boulevard Residence Resort

Tony Santos Arquitetura

On the ground floor, there is the open garage covered only by the roof, the main entrance, living room, separate dining room integrated with the kitchen, pantry, garden, space for barbeque grill & utility area. This floor mainly houses the social areas of the home.

Catering to Comfy Privacy

First Floor Plan (Planta do pavimento superior) Tony Santos Arquitetura
Tony Santos Arquitetura

First Floor Plan (Planta do pavimento superior)

Tony Santos Arquitetura

Upstairs, three bedrooms with two bathrooms offer the requisite private space to the residents and complete the distribution of interior spaces.

Which of these floor plans did you find the most inspiring?

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