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Casa Ideal 2012_Interiores, Tiago Patricio Rodrigues, Arquitectura e Interiores Tiago Patricio Rodrigues, Arquitectura e Interiores Colonial style corridor, hallway& stairs
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When it comes to interior designers and what they do, we often think that we've seen it all, but then, out of the blue, a project will pop up that shatters that illusion and today's is one such home! A gorgeous apartment, with fabulous proportions, we have struggled to categories the interior design scheme, so instead of boxing it into one term, we are going to just sit back and take a relaxed look at a unique and covetable interior and appreciate it in terms of its individuality. If you are in the market for some different inspiration, why not come with us?

Heavenly hallway

You can't deny that this is an unusual colour for a hallway, but it really works! Looking neither too cold or dark, this dramatic gray-blue really offers the perfect backdrop for some interesting additions, such as a wall tapestry.

Eclectic and exciting

If we stand back, you can really appreciate the entrance here. What a unique and personal space, but don't you think it has a sense of fun and almost worldliness about it? We love the inclusion of a tree indoors too!

A heady mix

Is this living room retro, traditional or contemporary? It seems to be a wonderful mix of all three, with the occasional ethnic addition thrown in for good measure too! By making a color the central anchor, instead of a scheme, it's really opened up the space to personal interpretation.

Green with envy

That floor rug really is a stunning central feature and grabs our attention for all the right reasons! the color itself goes so well with the dark wood floor and by including some green cushions too, a lack of identifiable era isn't a problem!

Eye-catching furniture

As if that amazing exotic rug wasn't already enough, just look at some of the furniture contained in this home! Antiques, retro pieces and complementary cushions are all combining to really add a sense of personal style and taste.

Modern haven

Away from the main living room is this little private and seemingly contemporary space, dedicated solely to watching some television. it seems a little surprising that a space like this would be included in such a richly diverse home, but then again, nothing is really surprising us here!

Dine out on that style

This shot really demonstrates the diversity that is identifiable throughout the whole apartment. In one scene, we have a funky dining table, antique chairs, a retro sideboard, exotic textiles and even a modern vase! The strange thing is, that it is all super complementary!

If music be the food of love

All the rich wood in this apartment is astounding, but to add in a mini grand piano really is a touch that comes from left field! It's not that you can't relax here, it's that you never know what is going to come next and in terms of interior design, we find that really exciting and unusual!

Curated space

We think we've finally figured out how we can classify this home! It's a gallery of experiences, feelings and memories. Each item doesn't have to relate to another, as they all have a factor in common; the owner. What we are seeing here is a lifetime of culture and inquisitiveness brought together to form a perfect home and we love it!

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Do you love the mix of styles here? Let us know in the comment section! 

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