​20 Creative Ideas For A Charming Front Garden

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There’s nothing like a splash of greenery to enhance the look of your home. The fresh, natural beauty of plants is unparalleled and, with a little planning, your front garden will become the absolute topic of all neighbors gossip! 

Here are 20 brilliant ideas to get you started!

​Small garden

When space is lacking, a few square feet of your parking area will suffice!

​Stone path

Utilize the small patch of land next to your home with dramatic plants and a stone path to the rear entrance.

​Simple and effective

A few large potted plants can make a world of difference!


When there’s sufficient space, a rock garden is a delightful creation!

​Color in the garden

Liven up a narrow side garden with bold splashes of colour.

​Tropical serenity

A touch of the tropics with palm trees in a manicured lawn and grass-edged stairs are perfect for a lavish house!


These dramatic plants teamed with small shrubs and stones are perfect for a stately narrow garden along the wall. 

​Grassy lawn

The stone slabs add character to the grassy lawn, in tune with the contemporary design of the house.

​Pretty effect

Different sizes and colours come together to make an attractive garden.

​Elegant parking

A flat floor of cobblestones is a great idea for your parking space. The grass growing between the stones causes the parking area to blend beautifully with the garden.

​Multiple levels

Staggered planters are a striking way of utilizing your entrance space optimally.

​Green path

Small trees bordering the entrance path add to the aesthetic appeal of the house.


Large stones among the plants add a showy touch to this garden.

​Build around

With a good team of architects, you can harmoniously integrate an existing tree into the design of your house!

​Lavender garden

Can there be a more beautiful and fragrant welcome than through a profusion of lavender! This is a treat for both the nose and the eyes!

​Small and vibrant

Colourful plants enhance the impact of a small garden.

​The ''wild'' look

A big garden can also look good with an ''untamed'' look, including the concept of an oasis containing shrubs and long grass bordered with stones.

​Indoor garden

What a lovely tropical nook inside the house! The shape of the garden complements the curved lines of the ceiling.

​Natural beauty

The rough texture of the stone flowerbed teams with the profusion of pretty pink flowers and overhanging leaves for a lovely natural look.

​Simple elegance

A neatly mowed lawn with small shrubs is the epitome of modest elegance.

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Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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