Small and Lovable! 20 Charming Mini Houses

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We are about to show you 20 of the most adorable tiny houses.They are not only beautiful and practical, they were a challenge to create, the architects needed to fit all the luxuries of your modern lifestyles in a compact space. The result is pure style and practical!

These 20 mini houses range from Japanese minimalist designs to small suburban homes, to tropical retreats. In any case, you are free to enjoy the beauty of each house in its individual environment which works wonderfully to bring out the best of each house. 

Follow us down the path of creativity and imagination. 

1. Picture perfect

A beautiful house by the lake; the tones are natural and fit perfectly into the serene environment. The house is picture perfect and has all the modern delights such as a large lawn and outdoor area most convenient for entertaining. 

2. Wonderful in wood

Wood is undeniably charming because it can be both simple and sophisticated.This cozy home has all the features of a log cabin. 

3. Modern fairytale

This house is a modern fairytale, with neutral colors for the exterior, it is perfectly suited to the surrounding environment. The small pond and neat pathway are just some of its charming features. 

4. Suburban corner

Set on a corner, this London home is stylish and contemporary. It uses redwood and concrete which give it a beautiful appearance. 

5. Off the ground

This house is set out like a tree house and stands on a trunk which elevates the house off the ground. It is compact and colorful, not to mention hard to ignore. 

6. Rustic charm

What a lovely little rustic house designed with gable awnings, lattice windows and doors!

7. Interesting lines

The angle of the roof line and the entire house is very interesting, the use of lighting conveys a more intimate style whilst the concrete surrounds make it sturdy and stylish. 

8. One of a kind

A singular and simple home, this style can be surprisingly effective when it comes to saving space. The house is balanced and unique, with a large outdoor area. 

9. Child's play

This is not a children's amusement park, but a charming dwelling which is dazzling in blue and red tones. It is however not completely unusual to find it set in a natural landscape. 

10. Minimalist

A simple frame home in light gray and black lines. It celebrates the beauty of traditional architecture and presents the beauty of Japanese design. 

11. Fortress home

The lime walls and red roof are what stands out. The small windows take on a lovely shape and the residence looks more like a fortress than a home. This is part of its noble charm.

12. Doll house

This is not a doll house but an amazing home built largely out of glass. With so much natural light coming in and so many spots to host a party, it is a home suitable for a couple or a family. 

13. Space saving

You wouldn't think that this is a family home, but it is. With its bold design, it warms the heart with its contrasting colors and the most effective minimalist ideas. 

14. A white house

A residence in Cologne, this white residential multi-faceted home won the admiration of all neighbors. It is not hard to see why. 

15. Romantic retreat

This secluded residence is perfect for a romantic getaway or retreat. The light glow from the inside, and the wooden deck give it a special kind of personality. 

16. Tropical paradise

With its intoxicating yellow walls and red clay tiles, this residence is a joyful tropical paradise. Set in a natural backdrop with plenty of greenery and native plants, the house certainly has a lot to give. 

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17. Curious

This residence with its small elongated windows is set on a suburban street. With its simple design and white and brown wood, it inspires curiosity in passers-by. 

18. Traditional

A concrete bungalow with a traditional roof, this home lets plenty of natural light in. With its pointed roof and concrete exterior, it brings together some very intriguing design concepts. 

19. Vibrant lodge

This home is vibrant and colorful and you can easily imagine it by the seaside. It exudes the charm of a tropical lodge and fascinates with its design and color. 

20. Simplified

Sometimes understated design is the most interesting, this black and white rectangle house fascinates with its simple beauty.

Which of these homes can you picture yourself living in? Tell us about it in the comment section! 

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