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Casa de Tamboré, Silvana Lara Nogueira Silvana Lara Nogueira Modern Dining Room
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Adding a contemporary and cozy touch to your home does not need high end furniture, pricey furnishings & loud decoration. All you need is elements that agree with each other, a soothing palette and furnishings & decoration that speak the language of modish warmth. Taken together, these create an inviting essence of comfort & chic style that wins you over with its tasteful finesse. And this is exactly what this home created by São Paulo, Brazil based architects SILVANA LARA NOGUEIRA is all about- fantastic detailing and mellow romantic accents that fill the air inside this cozy abode. Let us go in and take a look!

Hearty Warmth in Modernity

This commodious space integrates the living and dining rooms while aesthetically defining both with bright, sober & refreshing elements. The smart use of pastel & neutral shades, planters, wooden accents and a restrained flavor of vibrant flair create an atmosphere of relaxing warmth. Eclectic furniture, subtle yet sophisticated furnishings, floor tonality and an endearing decor dazzle in this well lit space.

Fresh Radiance

The modern dining room bears a striking combination of elements like leather chairs, big metallic planters, large pendant lamp, stylish candle lights and sliding glass doors that lead to the terrace kitchen. The yellow flowers & the golden glow of the lamp above add a radiant touch and brighten up the scene so that the allure of the wall decor can be appreciated fully.

Genial Wholesomeness

The intimate terrace kitchen attracts with its welcoming amiability- generous heartiness of wood & cane, modern dash of glossy marble, furnishings with a current nudge of colorful cordiality, romantic glow of dainty wall lights and the tranquil tones of white overwhelm in this bright modular kitchen with ample natural light. You can enjoy a leisurely time with your loved ones while relishing a cozy meal together or simply have a refreshing break browsing through the magazines while the morning coffee brews away!

Open Air Comfort with a Hint of Romance

An ideally snug setting for a lazy Sunday brunch with your near & dear, this modern terrace is linked with the kitchen we just visited. Sliding clear glass doors exhibit the contemporary elegant design of the interiors with every intricate detail. The well conceptualized terrace space sings rejuvenating tones of fresh congeniality. The dollops of green comfort add to the romantic undertones and ensure cool environs for fond memories.

Hues of Comfort in Subtle Style

The serene touch of pastel colors imparts a unique refinement to this absolutely snug bedroom. The graceful harmony between the different constituents of the palette & furnishings oozes a pristine aura of supreme repose. Adding to it are the soft & translucent curtains that together with all the other elements create a welcoming ambiance. The polished wooden floor shouts a dapper suggestion to the calm interior discussion in the room.

Mellow in Wood & White

This small bathroom situated on the ground floor bears a lavish touch of wood for storage as well as decor. The Bonsai planters in metal & glass uplift the space with a fresh touch. Marble washbasin counter, modern sanitary ware, large mirror and bright lights adorn this bathroom space that is home to a tranquil air.

Grand Comfort in Calm Simplicity

Sober, simple, warm and classy are the words apt to describe the interior design & decoration of this home. Wooden steps with innovative lighting & pop up table with ornamental lights in the space underneath the stairs beside the dining area, ceiling LED lights, patterned wall, hidden storage solutions, metallic tables in the kitchen lounge, a cozy little fireplace in the living area and so on- this is an uncomplicated home of amazing details.

Well, now that you have seen it yourself,you agree with us, don’t you?

What do you think about this home? Share with us in comments!

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