Modern Architecture: 6 Amazing Prefab Houses

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Think of a prefabricated house as buying assembling furniture, it is developed somewhere in a different location from, once you chose what you want, pieces will be sent to your location ready made to be put together. But in this case we build a house and not a table, allowing the builders to build a home in record time. With the increasing demand of small budget houses, this is a great way to cut down on costs and time but not on quality. 

Today we bring to you 6 types of prefabricated houses, prefabs for short. Shall we?

Modern Architecture: 6 Amazing Prefab Houses

1. Natural

A 250 ft² home blends into that scenery perfectly, made with pinewood, it is insulated with sheets of plasterboard. How wonderful is that great window to make the best use of the sunshine? And it looks so cozy—perfect, right?

2. The Cottage

How great is this traditional house facade? Made up mostly with wood and painted in a dark royal blue that shines when the sun hits. All we are missing is the little white picket fence surrounding it. This 400 ft² includes a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a living room. What else do you need?!

3. Modern design

The container like format of this prefab gives it that contemporary design feel. Fully equipped for a dwelling of up to 5 people, these houses can be put together as fast as a couple of days. Not skimping of quality of materials, in this example we see quite a lot of use of natural materials such as wood. What a lovely modern design!

4. Bigger than usual

We can see that prefabs can come in all sizes, in this example we have a mixture of two main materials, wood and glass, looking it from here, you could never guess that these are prefabricated houses, what a stylish design. They are clever and the use of large windows to maximize the daylight. 

5. Container-Like

Probably one of the cheapest and quickest of all the prefabs, the shipping container are easily installed and moved, in this example it has been projected by a professional to give it a more sophisticated look by fitting it with wood installations in the kitchen and throughout the home. The integration with the outside/inside is really appealing! For more ideas on terraces, check this ideabook: 5 Terraces Before and After

6. Minimalist

A 750 ft² home, one of our larger house examples, inside you find 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one living room, one dining room. Wow! What is not to like with this egg white panels that are broken with windows and a stone wall. Really ingenious. 

You've just read: Modern Architecture: 6 Amazing Prefab Houses

Where would you put your prefab house? Tell us in the comment section! 

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