20 cupboard and storage ideas you'll love for your own home

Leigh Leigh
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Cupboards are such a valuable part of our homes, creating useful storage spaces where we can keep clothes, linen, towels, books, equipment and other items stored neatly away.

As many of us know, it can be quite tough to keep our cupboards looking neat and tidy. Every so often we need to give them a spring clean and rearrange the contents so that it doesn't get out of hand. But we all know how tedious this can be!

When it comes to our dressing area, this can be even more so. As we try on clothes, discard outfits and shop for new items, we can end up with quite a mess. Yet dressing should be easy, simple and exciting, getting you ready to start your day!

This is why today at homify, we are giving you 20 cupboard ideas that you will love for your own home. These are tips taken from top professionals in the industry, so that you can organise your home like a pro!

Let's take a look!

1. Bring in an animal theme

We live in Africa after all! Bring some warm, earthy tones into your cupboard or dressing area space and pair with some bold animal print sofas or rugs.

2. Create the illusion of space

Mirrors are a functional part of any good cupboard area or dressing space, allowing you to see that fabulous outfit from all angles, but they have another use too!

Mirrors can give also give a small area the illusion of space and in your dressing area, can make it seem that much bigger. Even if you live in the smallest apartment, you'll feel like you have a modern Hollywood dressing room. 

3. Vertical lines

Vertical lines can really enhance a room, making the ceiling seem that much higher and thus the room that much bigger. You don't want to feel claustrophobic while dressing!

Long, vertical mirrors can also be very flattering, making us seem that much taller and more lean. Invest in one today!

4. A place for everything

If you have the space, create a full on dressing room with drawers, cupboards and shelves, giving each item that you own a special home.

5. Make the most of those wasted spaces

If space is a factor, utilise those corners in the home that often get overlooked such as the space under the stairs. By working with the specifications of this area, you can end up with a very savvy and trendy cupboard area!

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6. Don't overlook those narrow areas either

Narrow rooms in the house actually form the perfect foundation for a walk-in cupboard. Line the walls with shelves, drawers and hanging space and there you have it.

7. Fresh air

If possible, install some skylights or windows in your dressing room, ensuring that this space is constantly filled with light and fresh air. Clothes and shoes can sometimes attract some nasty odours, so ventilation and a bit of sunshine is always a plus! 

8. Add some colour and personality

Put some comfortable seats in your dressing area, where you can sit down and put your shoes on. Use this furniture to add a bit of vibrancy, colour and personality to the space like Camila Chalon Architects have done here.

9. Super sleek

If you prefer a more minimalist look and feel, go for an edgy design that exudes elegance and sophistication. Dark wood and grey tones can help you to achieve this.

10. A touch of luxury

Some of us still feel like fairy princesses when we get ready for the day, so you should have a dressing room that makes you feel just like it!

Bring in some heavy, silk curtains, some antique furniture and an elegant mirror and everyday you'll feel like Cinderella going to the ball.

11. Some carpeting

When we have bare feet and we are choosing our outfits for the day, it can get a little bit uncomfortable, especially in winter. Our feet may get cold!

Use this opportunity to merge comfort, functionality and style by placing a cosy rug down in you dressing area. Not only will it brighten up the space but it be far more pleasant under the feet.

12. Get organising

We've mentioned this before, but it's so important to clean out your cupboard every so often and make sure that it looks neat and tidy. 

If you have an organised cupboard area, you'll have a much better chance of finding your clothes quickly. It will also look that much more aesthetically appealing.

13. White and bright

If you want to do something quite unique and stylish, go for an all-white cupboard scheme or dressing room. 

As we can see in this design, it is very effective and striking. It's also like a blank canvas, waiting for you to inspire in today's gorgeous outfit!

14. Add some artwork

Artwork can really bring some charm and personality to a room, but we may not consider adding it to the dressing room. However, it can set the tone and make the area feel that much more homely and chic.

15. Hidden behind a door

In this design, we come across a Scandinavian design where the dressing room sits behind a sliding door. The door can be pulled shut to make for a much neater bedroom or appearance, or opened up for easy access to the dressing area and cupboards.

Simple is sometimes very stylish!

16. Wood, wood, wood

Wood is one of our favourite materials to use in the home as it brings warmth and style together in one easy sweep. Wood also lasts a very long time, making for very durable furniture.

17. Go all out

If you're a fan of the dressing room that Big builds for Carrie in Sex and the City, then this is the kind of style for you. Don't hold back on ostentatious finishes, opulent furniture and plenty of mirrors. 

Don't forget the space for the shoes!

18. Merge into your existing spaces

You don't have to have a whole separate area for your cupboard space or dressing room. Merge it into an existing room subtly. All you need to ensure is that this area remains neat and tidy so it doesn't overwhelm the space.

19. Dedicated to accessories

Because we all need a home for our handbags and shoes!

20. Glass cupboards

If you're a neat person, you can get away with having glass cupboard doors, which add quite an edgy and modern. It will also help you locate that pair of heels that much quicker.

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