Homes: 15 simple ideas that will make your entrance look beautiful!

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An entrance is one of the first features of a home that people see. It's where they make their way up to the front door or the parking spot, so you want it to look impressive and inviting.

So many people end up simply leaving an entrance as it is, with a front door and some paving leading up to it, but this shouldn't be the case! An entrance is like the business card of your home. By adding a few details here and there, you can change the whole look and feel of this space, setting your home apart from every other home on the block. 

Today, we are going to look at 15 fabulous entrances, designed by top professionals from around the world. As we explore them one by one, we will gather inspiration and motivation for our own home!

Let's take look…  

Homes: 15 simple ideas that will make your entrance look beautiful!

1. Lighting

Lighting enhances the details of an entrance, creating a beautiful ambiance. Invest in soft dimming lights throughout this space, which will create a wonderful soft glow.

The great thing about this is that it will allow guests and family members to find their way to the front door safely in the dark at all times!

2. Stones

Stones bring a very natural and rustic touch to an entrance, contrasting beautifully with the smooth walls of a facade.

Natural elements bring an earthy look and feel to a space, while introducing a very authentic form of decor.

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3. Invest in a good front door

A front door says a lot about a home, setting the tone for the rest of the design of the house.

Don't overlook the design, style, material and color that you choose for your front door. 

As we can see in this design, wood works incredibly well for a front door design. It's a timeless material that is durable, stylish, homely and warm.

4. Add some greenery

A front garden can completely enhance your entrance, bringing a natural form of decor to the area. Plant some beautiful trees, plants and flowers along your pathway and it will feel like you are walking through a forest every time you make your way to your front door.

You'll be relaxed before you even put your keys in the door!

5. Offer a glimpse inside

Incorporate glass windows into your front door or next to your front door, offering your guests a little glimpse into the homeliness and coziness of your interior design.

This not only opens your home up slightly, but it allows the interior to radiate out without compromising your privacy. 

6. Don't be afraid to be bold

Your entrance doesn't have to follow a classic design. Go for bold patterns, bright colors and an eclectic look and feel. 

As we can see in this image, this approach makes for a very visually appealing entrance to a home that is sure to get tongues wagging!

7. Or a neutral color palette

If bold and bright colors and patterns aren't for you, you can also opt for a neutral color palette, bringing a very earthy, cocoon-like look and feel to a home. Again wood can play a big role in this style!

8. Roses are red

Roses are a timeless flower, which always bring a very sophisticated touch to a space. An entrance is no exception. 

Add fresh pots of roses to your entrance space, softening a very modern or minimalist design.

9. A sheltered entrance

Especially if you live in a state that sees a lot of rain or sunshine that beats down, it's sometimes beneficial to have an entrance that is covered.

In this design, by A/Zero Architects, a covered entrance makes for a very functional and stylish design. The designers have included stone cladding in this space, creating a very warm and earthy space. The covering also makes for a comfortable spot while guests are waiting for the door to be answered. 

10. Modern and trendy

If the interior of your home takes on a very modern and trendy design, don't be afraid to portray this in your entrance. Choose a very chic front door, a trendy pathway that leads up to it and lighting that enhances all of these details. 

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11. Don't forget the parking area

When it comes to designing the perfect entrance, make sure that you don't overlook the parking area. You need a designated parking area, garage or car port where cars can be parked neatly away without deterring from your fabulous entrance.

Chat to a designer about the best place for this functionality.

12. Go uniform

In this image, we can see how effective a uniform design is. Large stones lead up to the front door, matching the large stone cladding that makes up the facade. 

The result is a very charming and quaint cottage look and feel.

13. Plan and imagine

Your entrance deserves some planning and design, so chat to your architect about what you have in mind. They can draw up a render, so that you can picture what your stylish entrance will look like before it is even built.

14. The street entrance

In this project, the entrance is at the perimeter wall of the house, giving the family a little bit more privacy. The designers have flanked the entrance with glass walls, however, which creates a seamless transition between the interior of the home and the public spaces. 

This is a wonderful way to create private spaces without compromising on the style and elegance of a home design.

15. A refreshing design

An all-white design is always a refreshing touch to an entrance, especially if it contrasts with a luscious green garden. 

Pair a white design with a few wooden finishes and you'll have the ultimate design. 

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Which entrance design is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section! 

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