The Cool House That's Warm At Heart

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When houses looks so well designed and modern on the outside it can be easy to assume that they have been decorated in a similarly angular, stark and almost cold fashion but that is not always the case, as this beautiful home demonstrates.

Undeniably modern and sophisticated, the house has been finished with a jet black exterior, sleek lines and modern styling but what lies inside might surprise you! Take a look at this incredibly different build and see if you were picturing the interior that is in situ.

Deceptive exterior

Take a look at this house built by Artect Design. What comes to mind? Stylish, sleek, modern aesthetics with an almost industrial meets gothic twist and, while we can't deny that the finish is exceptionally high end and enticing, this is perhaps not the cosiest looking house you have ever seen. 

The relative lack of any other colour apart from black is making the property a little foreboding, imposing and almost monolithic but that's not to take anything away from the design itself, which is as simple as it is gorgeous. We certainly don't think that this façade gives any clues as to what you will find inside!

Alternate experience

Though a little more homely, thanks to the inclusion of some plants, glazing and lighter wood, the overall feel remains one of definitive darkness that is almost a little intimidating! 

Reminiscent of art galleries and other industrial buildings that have been designed to be aesthetically intriguing and functionally driven, we are utterly in love with this property but we find ourselves wondering how it could be made a little more personal and welcoming. Perhaps the interior will do that for us!

Nighttime light show

Well this is certainly giving us a little more hope that awaiting inside this big black box of a property is a welcoming, homely and stunning interior that residents and guests alike will be glad to experience. 

The warm amber glow that is emanating from the house from every conceivable angle gives us reason to believe that the inside has been given real consideration, with wall colours and furnishings all combining to create a far more inviting and warm space. Set against the vivid blue dusk sky we have to say that we are falling more in love with this home with every picture!

Dream interior

So here is where all the warm, honey-coloured wood has gone! By opting to keep the exterior wood to a monochrome colour scheme, the interior has been able to take full advantage of warmer wood, to create a living space that is full of harmony and soft tones.

You can't have too much of a good thing and in this case we love how the ceiling, floor and furniture are all finished in wonderfully warm wood so as to be the perfect contrast to the stark exterior. This is one living room that we would be happy to come home to and with all the lights on and the curtains drawn we can imagine this being a very cosy and delightful space to spend time in.

Open spaces

Looking at this beautiful sitting room from another angle we can fully appreciate the amount of light pouring in through the large windows and filling the space with warm, amber illumination. 

The perfect location for a relaxing movie night, we can picture this room looking fabulous just lit by the television screen while the all encompassing honey-coloured wood retains the sense of warmth and cosiness that we can see here. Be honest, you weren't expecting such a cosy interior to this house, were you? That is the ultimate joy of this home; it is as surprising as it is well thought out, beautiful and welcoming.

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