15 planters that will be precious in small courtyards

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Of late, traditional roles of home decor items & elements meant for “specific” home spaces have undergone a drastic change. Innovative ideas are being implemented & novel functionalities are being assigned to the different household items. Consequently, good old planters are being employed in spaces other than the garden as new roles are being explored. Landscape architects and interior decorators are opting for new styles to use planters for spaces like courtyards, patios and terraces, apart from gardens.

These spaces are more practical when they have a green area with your choice of plants, a manicured lawn and a ceramic/ stone floor space that provisions for some activity like pool, kids’ play area or simply a small outdoor lounge.

We present you with 15 ways in which planters can be used to adorn your small courtyards, patios, terraces, etc., wherein they may assume a multi-functional role as well!

Laid down in Stone

Sitting in pebbled beds and separated from the green block with gray stones, the unconventional planters present a refreshing view along the passageway leading up to the main entrance gate of the home.

In White Grace

The formal garden in this image comprises a well maintained lawn, flower beds and small planters placed at a height, along the periphery of the home, on the inside. Beautifully defining the boundary of the house, the planters add to the green relief with tranquil white base in a visually appealing manner.

Aesthetic Definition

Planters can be conveniently used to demarcate spaces, as in the image wherein the lawn and the built-up area have been separated this way. Visually appealing, I must say!

Poolside Comfort

Outlining the pool as well as offering palliative environs for a leisurely poolside brunch, this type of planter is a convenient addition to the rear side of your home bearing the courtyard.

Reliable Backup

Doubling up as elegant backup furniture for this little garden, the wooden planter serves as the back of the seat, converting this green area into a cozy little outdoor lounge with a table & seats. Adding a few wooden seats outside & covering them with comfy cushions, the snug & refreshing character of this tiny garden space was enhanced.

Terraced in Order

These planters along the terrace boundary define its expanse with a green detail. Elongated pots or prefabricated ceramic/ stone blocks placed next to each other are great options to fit in the said role, imparting a tidy look.

Mimicking the Fence

The high wooden planters in this photo depicting a Mediterranean style terrace give an impression of a striking wooden fence. Enclosing an outdoor dining setting, these high wooden planters have been smartly created in the same pattern as the horizontal wooden wall panel to make it appear continuous.  Additionally, the drum planters also lend a soothing atmosphere for a private meal with the family on a sunny day. A real value addition!

Truly Multifaceted

In a teeny tiny courtyard like this, the planter-bench is quite useful. The green element adds a hint of tranquility and is apt for a relaxing time with loved ones. The warm glow from the little light spills over to create that ideal atmosphere for rejuvenation.

Out of the Box!

The wooden deck of this elegant patio bears squarish box planters, alternating with benches made of the same woody material. At small intervals, we find enclosed empty spaces housing creepers and serving as a backdrop for placing potted plants. A patio with a green patch- a truly amazing vista!

A Concrete Step

The concrete staircase serves as the unusual planter containing garden soil, housing a thick growth of shrubs, right next to the flight of stairs.

Outlining Warmth

A minimalist terrace, this one has the pure white planters delineating the outdoor lounging area aesthetically as well as providing a soothing touch of nature. With the jazzy lamps, plush cushions and neat sofa welcoming you for a nice time outdoors, these planters in unblemished white create a mellow contrast with the wooden accents.

Guarding in Style

This terrace boasts of planters as guardrails- a unique rendition of the Scandinavian style terrace incorporating planters as an integral feature. The irregular shape gives the innovative banister a trendy look; the colorful plants growing in the planters lend a vibrant fresh touch. In this ideal venue for a lazy Sunday barbecue, the singular planters show their versatility by serving a dual function with sophistication.

Elegant Facade

A very smart & graceful way of giving the frontage a facelift is to use planters with ornamental plants. Properly maintained, the stone and marble planters flanking the entrance to the home impart a tidy, elegant and sober appearance to the facade. Since the space available is not vast, this design of planters is perfect for that green welcome to your visitors and it also gives another dimension to this simple yet modern front garden.

Heralding a Visual Treat

This photo offers an absolutely inviting concept of a classic terrace garden, modified with a contemporary touch. The planters offer a soothing visual continuity with the wooden floor, reinvigorating the senses with oodles of charm, freshness and a relaxed & comfortable setting to soak in the spectacular landscape.

Low Lying Spectacle

The low rise planter in this image is ideal to flaunt plants that reach a low height but are quite high on the ornamental value. The attractive purple flower sticks impart colorful brilliance and make this little outdoor space shine.

Which of these planter ideas would fit in your snug home? Tell us in the comment section! 

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