40 Great Ideas To Plan A Small Kitchen

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Today we will concentrate on small kitchens and give you ideas on how to maximize your space. Just because the kitchen is small, that does in no way mean that you can't put some personality into it. Either using clever designs, color, light, we all love the kitchen! Modern or minimalist! We are sure this has been mentioned plenty of times here at homify: that the kitchen is the heart of the home. So with no further ado, let us check out these fantastic kitchen designs that will inspire in making yours more functional and stylish. Shall we? 

1. Maximizing your space with corner drawers

2. Neutral colors work best, but this white finish makes the room feel bigger

3. Modern glass shelves

4. Cabinets for storage

5. Multitasking kitchen countertop into a corner office space

6. Avoiding cluttering your work space by installing your appliances

7. Integrate spaces for a practical solution

8. White finishing for the creation of space

9. A pop of a bright color

10. Use of lighting in the right spots

11. Stick to the basic colors: black / white and stainless steel appliances

12. Built-in ovens to facilitate cooking

13. Using unusual colors to make the kitchen pop

14. Stylish, modern and simple

15. A small but practical kitchen

16. Plenty of work space and light

17. Rustic and small but extremely functional

18. Utilizing different size cabinets and inserting pop of colors

19. A closet kitchen!

20. Extendable chopping boards

21. More example of where to place a pop of color

22. Classic use of material and color: wood and white

23. Minimalist and definitely cluttered

24. A kitchen full of personality

25. Practical and multi functional kitchen

26. Use of color and light is just about right in this kitchen

27. Countertops are clear, make the kitchen practical by elevating appliances

28. Making the best of the wall space by installing all appliances perfectly fitting the kitchen design

29. Minimalist with a rustic charm by using wood as countertops

30. Corridor style kitchen, where everything is set against the walls

31. Modern furniture, colors and wallpaper

32. Natural materials and neutral colors for rustic kitchen

33. Mosaic backsplash

34. Using every space available

35. Separating rooms with different flooring

36. Clever masonry counter

37. Cabinets with curtains for homely atmosphere

38. Transparent counter base for a roomy feel

39. Rustic ambiance and DIY furniture

40. Modern meets rustic with these appliances and patterned wall and floors

For more ideas on making the best of your kitchen space check this ideabook out: 6 Ways to Maximize the Light in Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen need to adapt some of these ideas? Let us know in the comment section!

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