The warm prefab house: ready in 5 months!

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Our focus today is on prefabricated homes—homes that can be erected within a minimum time and usually do not take a toll on the ecology of the surrounding area either. Nowadays, these houses are no different from traditionally constructed houses and are as modern and stunning as any other house architecture. In search of our home we land in picturesque Centallo, a small municipality in the Piedmont, Italy. Our home of choice carries a wood fibre panel for the roof,  boasts of being a green building as well as being energy efficient thanks to the natural insulation options. The home took a mere five months to put together with a minimal carbon foot print, which usually occurs when we build a home the traditional way. The Italian architecture company Bar and Bar are behind the amazing structural details and the actual execution of the project. Take a look at the specifics with this home tour!

​Neat Classic Facade

An initial glance at the facade will make you think that this home is an ordinary one. But a closer look will reveal its prefab status and make you marvel at the small details that create a slightly whimsical edge in this classic looking structure. Modern thermal and acoustic treatments set this ordinary looking home apart.

​Elegant Living Room

The entire carpet area of the home would be close to 2584 ft², with its three floors that hold reinforced concrete rooms including a basement, a laundry room, a garage and even a wine cellar along with the normal living areas. This living room has been done up with plenty of white to highlight the wooden elements of the ceiling and the gray accent wall that holds the entertainment centre. A pop of colour is provided by the red bean bag on one side. All the rooms have mechanical ventilation as well as automation that can be controlled by a hand held device.

​Rustic Edge

These stairs have a rustic edge in their winding style with a modern sliver of chrome showing up on each step. The home is held in a tight insulation capsule which shows up in terms of the wooden element all over the home. Below the stairs, one can find a simple seating arrangement with plenty of dry flowers.

​Wooden Mezzanine

The mezzanine floor is done up with oiled oak and simple metal railings. The ceiling slants over this space with its wood fiber insulation, laid in neat and solid beams. At one end of this 646 ft² space, one can see a door and a bank of black polished shelves standing to a side. Looking downstairs will reveal a white stylish bureau at the far end of the living room.

​Modern Vintage Kitchen

The kitchen has a modern vintage quality thanks to the large standing clock and the shelves built within. The beige walls give way to a simple and modern dining arrangement in the middle of the monochrome kitchen which has slabs to hold the lighting from the ceiling. This may be a prefab house, but we are totally bowled over by its charm and gorgeous design.

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