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Lately, with nostalgia on the decor and decorating menu, vintage tubs, and other luxury heritage fittings are enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. Who can say they don’t like, if not love, a long and sensuous dip in a luxurious deep tub? We strive to make our homes as comfortable and restful as possible, often forgetting one of the most important places in our abode: the bathroom. Nowadays there are multiple stylistic options, from the simple white freestanding bathtub with claw feet, to a moulded copper vessel, cavernous and romantic but still taking its cues from tradition and quality. When renovating or refurbishing your space, remember to be resourceful, imaginative and most importantly, be yourself. Choose a tub that inspires you, makes you feel relaxed and above all, one you love—build a bathroom design around that key feature and you’ll have yourself a space fit for relaxation and leisure. 

Check out the following exciting vintage bathtub collection from Homify and get some inspiration for your new bathroom.

Old is new

The traditional clawfoot bath is timeless, it may wax and wane in popularity, but due to its classic design, you can almost guarantee that it will adorn majestic bathrooms for many decades to come. It has, however been reworked and rejigged many times over, and this season it undergoes a transformation with a vibrant and striking blue/violet hue. This bath is a statement—place it in the centre of your bathroom and restrict the other decor to crisp white and grey tones.

Sleek and striking

Brunel Cast Iron Bath Aston Matthews BathroomBathtubs & showers
Aston Matthews

Brunel Cast Iron Bath

Aston Matthews

Taking its cues from the tubs of yesteryear, this reworked iron-look bathtub evokes a sense of history and mystery in the bathroom space. Perfectly coordinated with decorative cut-glass chandelier and heritage fittings, this space utilises a terracotta wall tone to match and coordinate with the dark charcoal of the bathtub, essentially creating a space that is rich in elegance.

Traditional and versatile

One of the more common styles of traditional bathtub, this piece is constructed using a cast of natural stone minerals. Practical and with a subtle shimmery finish, this easy-clean bath has decorative chrome feet and is perfect for any contemporary or heritage home. Match this design with decorative tiles, timber wainscoting and several indoor plants for a room that is luxurious and tempting.

The statement tub

Taking a journey back to the mid 19th century may not be possible, but dare to dream with a stylish copper look tub that evokes the rich mystery of the past. This cast iron bathing receptacle is smart enough for any decor and will transform a dull or dreary space into something enigmatic with oodles of intrigue. Coordinate this versatile item with timber floorboards, crisp white walls and matching heritage fittings for an enduring and fashionable bath space.

Luxe metallic

This year metallics are back in every almost every design and decorative detail—consider employing a metallic cast iron, enamel-coated bathtub for that extra element of bathroom luxury and elegance. This stunning example shows how a modern yet vintage style tub can be coordinated with heritage fittings, heated towel rail, soft furnishings and antique rug. Let  vintage aesthetics mix with ease against traditional furniture and contemporary colour palette for a truly opulent and sumptuous bathing space.

Classic contrast

One colour combination that never seems to go out of fashion is black and white. Seen in every aspect of our homes from kitchen decor, to the clothing we wear, black and white work in perfect contrast every time. Consider a bathroom that applies the same sensible yet vital aesthetic and turns your bland or boring wash space into a feature, something with pride, and radiating luxury.

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