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Renovation jobs breathe a new life into dull, dreary and lackluster settings. Very often, abandoned and deteriorating factories & warehouses are given a face-lift to transform them into habitable spaces. One such remodeling project was undertaken by Beriot, Bernardini Architects, wherein they converted the previously disused and crumbling neglected factory building into a beautiful modern home. The elegant new pad boasts of a tasteful artistic essence in a modish fashion.

Let us have a peek into how these professionals made this space into a smart & engaging design that offers cozy comfort wrapped in current style with an aesthetic flavor.

Down but not out

The original space was decrepit, but it had a lot of potential to be remoulded into something appealing & liveable.  The steel & wood gable roofs were entirely exposed, and the window glasses were also derelict. But the high ceiling & large space showed a lot of promise.

Designer Smartness

The intelligent layout of the whole space ensures proper utilization of every nook & corner in a functional manner. Modern architecture has cleverly opened up the entire expanse to facilitate the practical integration of different areas within a single space—be it the gym, living area, balcony, kitchen or closets. Using partitions, glass, etc. to create separate spaces has conveniently provisioned for privacy of different family members, lack of sufficient individual space notwithstanding. The industrial style of decking up the interiors is another smart move to smoothly incorporate the originality of the space in a refreshingly trendy way.

Fashionably Versatile

Brilliantly conceptualized, the different living spaces have distinct identities courtesy a thoughtful employment of elements like partitions, flooring and palette. As we can see, the kitchen and dining area are separated by a bright red vertical partition. The bedroom has been constructed upstairs and given absolute privacy; it looks enclosed within the glass structure with the red partition running across over it, adding a stylish touch. The kitchen bears a neutral & sober character in white and gray while the dining area has a more vibrant feel with the wooden floors, jazzy pendant light, red wall and white furniture. Multifaceted and chic indeed!

The Other Side dazzles no less!

Looking from the other side, the elegantly simple and compact kitchen is well equipped with a contemporary flair. Look at the bright colors! The white flowers bring a hearty touch of freshness. The vertical wall partition demarcating the kitchen and dining room spaces is painted white in harmony with the color scheme on this side. From here, the adjacent space housing the dining area also reveals a lovely reddish brown brick wall with a glossy black granite platform and a truly creative & personalized decor conveying a refined artsy taste.

Roomy and Bright Rejuvenation

This spacious living room area looks smashing with the choice of colors and materials. Though the spatial location has been preserved to an extent, some modifications have been done. The original window segmentation has been done away with, and replaced with a large monolithic glass. As a result, ample natural light pours in through the transparent windows to light up the entire area. Open cabinet in matte black has been created with a number of racks, contrasting well with the red backdrop. The warmth of wood, reddish brown bricks and the color of furnishings—all perfectly harmonize with each other visually. The invigorating green touch ensures a greatly soothing lounge experience.

Charming Guarantee of Warmth

This view of the living area highlights the simple yet striking fireplace with its black smoke pipe leading all the way to the roof. The white checkered table sitting on the shiny gray rug, the velvet upholstery, mellow wooden floor, the lovely brick wall and the green relief taken together offer a snug & welcoming environment for a leisurely cup of tea and rendezvous with the near & dear ones.

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What do you think about this comfy little abode? Tell us in the comment section!

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