18 staircases with stone and water gardens, spectacular!

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Today we have a treat for you, we will be looking at not only staircases but the added gem of having a manicured garden that is located underneath it. Usually these are synonyms to large houses that cater big spaces, but today, we will show you 18 different examples of how this can be achieved under any type of house and stairs, maximizing that usually empty space. The designer's here have created dream like ideas, tiny oasis, water features, simplicity but all with one common goal; offering tranquility and features that you would normally see outside the house, now they are in. 

So follow us on this countdown, shall we?

18. Adding a tree inside

17. Simple and straight forward, glass balustrades and smooth pebbles

16. A smooth stone area that matches the color scheme of the house.

15. A little adventure path, round shaped stones on top of a stream of water and smooth pebbles

14. A bigger tree if you have the space!

13. Adding some lights to enhance the visual effect of the perfectly manicured garden

12. Stairs with glass balustrades in which you can use to look down into the water feature

11. A water feature that pulls all the stops, flowing and creating a dream like effect

10. Space being maximized with a little garden and beautiful flowing steps

9. Water feature and pebbles make this staircase another dream like design

8. Stairs as a room divider, notice how this was done separating a sitting area and the very functional garden

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7. Adding a piece of art with your garden, why not?

6. Using different color pebbles to brings other features to life

5. A mini cascade creating a pleasing asthetic and adding a calming sound to the house

4. Adding green to neutral colors makes all the difference

3. Modernity meets minimalism

2. Small spaces can just be as chic and modern if you have the right design

1. Industrial design at its best, and that added green wall is just stunning, shall we say more?

For more garden ideas check this ideabook out: 15 Big Ideas for Small Gardens

What did you think of this countdown? Number one is definitely our favorite! 

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