A Modern and Monumental Farmhouse with Industrial Elements

Camila Boschiero—homify Camila Boschiero—homify
Moderne monumentale boerderij, Arend Groenewegen Architect BNA Arend Groenewegen Architect BNA Country style house
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We here at homify are taking in a sneak peak a this wonderful farmhouse brought to you by architects Arend Groenewegen's. Although the house is not yet fully finished, we wanted to see how they were doing and how incredible the process of this house has been so far. A old style farmhouse in the middle of the country side that offers all that is modern with top of the line installations for the most amazing results. Here we see the old meeting the new in the best possible way.  Shall we check out how they are getting on? 

A Classic Facade with a Twist

From the outside you can already tell that this house is especial. With its farmhouse structure of old red brick and a thatched roof that is manicured to perfection, we see the massive window/wall structure made from glass. Making it possible for the new lodgers to enjoy the surroundings during the daytime and nighttime and most importantly get in natural light. What a magnificent structure. We cant wait to see what the inside holds.

A work in progress

Still under construction,  we can see how this is turning up, lots of work goes into old structures especially with beams that are decades old. Steal beams are used to reinforce this structure. Usually these kind of buildings come up at a high cost, but they are worth maintaining its old style and preserving a little piece of history. Here we can still see the exposed brickwork that will be covered. 

A view of the dining room and kitchen

From up here we can see how the 2 story home is taking shape, kitchen, dinning room and living room are located on the ground floor, utilizing all that light from the massive windows. The furnishings are made up of natural wood which contrasts really well with the white walls. We are in love with this structure!

Beams and more Beams

Although we cant see the rooms on the second floor yet, the bedrooms and bathrooms, we can surely see where they are taking this design to. Wood floors, white walls and steal banister to reinforce the house and design. It really works! 

The Structure

The staircases definitely belongs in a modern art museum, don't you think? The architects were smart with their choices and managed to infuse modernity in this old style farmhouse. Wood, steal and white walls. Fantastic options that suit this house and will make the future lodgers very happy living in such a piece of art. 

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What do you think of the progress of this house? Let us know in the comment section! 

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