Shambles to Sassy: An Attic Repair Story

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A loft or attic space is among the most versatile home spaces, with the possibility of being converted into anything- be it a private lounge, library, kids’ room, bed room or simply a storage space. Today let me walk you through a renovation job undertaken by France based home builders BCM, wherein an empty & untended attic space covering around 646 ft² was completely transformed into a space with playroom for kids as well as a family lounge. 

We are also going to look into 3 other projects in which old empty lofts in private homes were made into beautiful bedrooms. Without waiting any further, let us take a look at these remodeling jobs that endorse amazing creativity and lovely design.

Before: Woefully Wasted & Wooden


Prior to revamp this space was lying in utter neglect, with a wooden roof, exposed wooden beams, & wooden stairs (not visible). There was provisioning for ventilation through windows and the ceiling height was an important factor to be taken into consideration.

After: Family Pack for Comfy Living


The mindblowing makeover has resulted into 2 brilliantly done spaces, out of which only one is visible here in the photo. The beams have been painted dark brown in a white background. Some parts of the ceiling have been insulated and plastered on top of the dry wall. The vibrant kids’ playroom has been adorned with attractive & cute children's furniture. Their toys, dolls and a flatscreen TV are all accommodated well in this furnished commodious room. Leading down to the family lounge is a small flight of wooden stairs; the kids’ area is surrounded by a wooden fence. There is wooden slide too! Downstairs from the children’s play zone is the family lounge where the elders can sit & relax while the tots enjoy themselves upstairs.  Such a wonderful attic room for family living is a true blessing for families with many children. The demarcation of areas also prevents any mess being created by the kids in the lounge space.

Before: Disuse, Clutter & Dilapidation


A sorry state of affairs is what comes to mind after looking at this image. The cobwebs, broken walls, cigarette stubs and other waste strewn around convey a clear message of this attic being forsaken.

After: Multi-faceted Attic


This rejig gave the abandoned attic space a new designer lease of life along with novel functionalities. A portion of the wall (as we can see on the left) under the roof slope has been utilized for storage by creating closed cabinets with racks & shelves. The corner wall has been used to attach radiators.

Restored Attic: A Teenager’s Snug Address

This modish bedroom is the contemporary outcome of an attic restoration. Executed following the Scandinavian style, the tastefully done attic bedroom bears the roof slope with two small windows that let ample natural light to pour in. Designed for a teenage boy, this room has open racks for knick knacks, a longish table with storage solution, a bright bean bag and a comfy single bed. Gray walls with sporty pictures, wooden floors, a minimalist table lamp and TV adorn this attic space fit for a teenager.

Loft Bedroom: Cozy Addition

This loft was created as a part of the renovation project of a Victorian style property, wherein the home builders were redoing the first floor of the residence. A great example depicting the use of old furniture & materials to match your new space and saving a lot of money in the process, this project resulted in a small but tidy bedroom with graceful design. Within the limited area, the room looks snug and tasteful with a double bed, modest furnishings, proper lighting, soothing palette and two roof windows.

Attic Room for Kids: Colorful Outcome of House Extension

Created as a part of the house extension project for an artist’s home, this inventive remodelling is a celebration of hues. Transforming a narrow, deep-plan Victorian house into a lavish family home, the architects crafted this lovely attic room for the kids with a funky yet pleasing color scheme, visually appealing furniture, plenty of natural light and the palliative effect of pastel tones. Just look at the endearing soft decor!

Did these attic renovation projects inspire you to restore yours? Let us know in the comment section!

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