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They renovated their apartment and added a new floor!

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The home transformation that we present to you today is not only the result of the demands of the owners, but also of the professionalism and taste of the interior designers involved in the project. This study by A54insitu architects will draw our attention to the changes made in an apartment to give it a new-look upgrade. The images we have for you here are pretty detailed, and give us a great idea of the renovation process and the level of skill involved.

The house we have for you today is rather conventional and unpretentious. However, the young family who wanted to transform it, according to their needs, into a functional home which is also warm and welcoming. Let’s go take a look at this exceptional project!

Before: An ordinary kitchen

Let's start with one of the most important rooms: the kitchen. It was in a rather good condition in relation to the before-and-after projects we usually see here on homify. The design of the furniture was very classic, with a wooden grain. However, the hob and the hood did not convince anyone. The microwave subtracted space to the work plane. We can see that although the kitchen still looked good, a transformation was imminent.

After: Order and linearity

The new kitchen conveys freshness and timeless comfort. The furniture has been preserved, but some things have definitely changed. At the top of the image we can see the hood being camouflaged in white trim. The color and design eliminates the weight on top. Below, the integration of appliances creates a clean and tidy kitchen.

Before: The old living room

No one can deny that this room was in need of a change. Although it is not in a state of ruin, its design was quite distasteful. Despite the large window that communicates with the outside world, this was a dark space, far removed from the idea of the house the client had in mind for his young family.

After: After the renovation

The new design is contemporary and duly follows the guidelines of the Scandinavian style. Gray, turquoise and yellow appear on the sofa in order to lighten the mood. The color of the flooring brings out the wood, which plays a very important role. To finish, the decorative elements are varied, with the walls painted in light gray to add a touch of character that does not darken the environment.

After: Beautiful and functional scale

This project focuses on the reformation of a duplex. Here we see that the staircase leads upstairs where there is a bedroom and terrace. Halfway between the Scandinavian minimalist style, this scale is beautiful and functional. All the space below was used as a storage area.

After: A balanced double bedroom

Here we show you the renewed master bedroom. The designers have placed an animated background in the role of the head of the bed, with a good result. The decor is minimal, but sufficient, so that proves nothing in excess. The wooden floor adds a warm touch and contrasts very well with the dark colors.

Before: The terrace

The terrace did not need to be renewed, since the floor and walls were in excellent condition. The white bricks have a very modern impact and there are more and more people who choose this color to decorate outdoor spaces. According to the designers, the terrace did not need to change, as they have focused on furniture.

After: A well-furnished terrace

As seen in the photograph, the terrace has been designed so that it can be exploited for summer lunches. As the inner rooms. The rest of the furniture follows inline with the remaining decoration—simple and modern. Four plastic chairs, an original floor lamp and a greenhouse complete the scene with a natural touch.

Now this terrace didn't need much of a transformation, but if you're looking at for some exciting renovations, be sure to peek at these 5 terrace before-and-after projects!

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