Beautify your bedroom: 10 ways to make your bedroom stunning

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A bedroom is often the space that is most ignored since it is mostly out of public view. However, it should be the exact opposite since this is the place where we recharge our engines. From comfortable to relaxing, classic to modern, minimalist to contemporary, we bring you here 10 great ways to turn your ordinary bedroom into something that is visually delightful. So dive right into this treasure trove of ideas with this tour!

Airy Vibe

Try and place your bed to face a window or the doors leading out on to the terrace or balcony. This will give it a warm and bright vibe. Ensure that there is plenty of space between the bed and the window or door for an airy feel.

​Delicate Design

The delicate touch always works wonders when it comes to lulling the senses into peaceful slumber. Use white and create accent walls with neutrals to give your room a cloud like appeal. And while you are at it, do not forget to add the sophisticated white lighting as well.

​Cozy Layers

Cozy layers make the room look luxuriously comforting. You can use solid colors and wooden panels as well as wooden flooring with accessories like quilts and pillows to make a cozy statement.

​Say it with Patterns

The patterns in this room say it all. The gray and white patterned quilt is a trendy contrast with the gold hued subtle wallpaper and its classic patterns. The wooden furniture and golden lighting give it all a wholesome vibe. The vinyl colors and the stripes on the rug are also a good contrast.

​Open Spaces

Simplicity is the key to beauty and open spaces. The designers have kept this space open with patterns at the far end behind the bed. The rest of the room has a gray hue with a few pops of color and quirky touches. The bed is also a slim platform style that accentuates the simple feel. You can also use greenery to make quite a statement.

​Myriad Decorative Elements

Use decorative elements like throws, art work, chairs, lamps and even baskets to create a soothing yet cohesive look. These decorative pieces should be chosen in keeping with the theme of the room. Try to keep a mix of textures and pattern, so it doesn't look too boring.

White Bedding and Neutral Accessories

Use white linen and neutral beige and gray hued accessories with one solid color that will create a pop of style interest. The neutrals will create a fine balance between the white bedding and the vibrant accent.

​Lamps for Visual Interest

Use a delicate looking lamp on a flat surface to create some visual interest. The nightstands as well as the shelves by the mirror can be the perfect areas for such touches.

​Luxurious and Subtle

Use measured elements to create a look that is luxurious even as the subtle takes over. The colors can be subtle while the chandelier and the wallpaper can be a tad bit dramatic for some luxurious appeal.

​Light Installations

Install lighting under the bed, behind the headboard, in the ceiling and behind the closet doors for a simple and stunning effect. Remember to always use soft and soothing lights for that dreamy effect and sense of warmth.

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