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Parents will attest to this: when you get the right amount of sleep you feel invincible, but if you have a restless night or are woken up constantly throughout the dark hours, the next day will be tough. The first step to getting a full night's rest is to have a comfortable bed in a quiet space to ensure as few disruptions as possible. 

And even if you don't have a separated bedroom space, there are ways to make sure you can close yourself off from the rest of the house by using just a few smart design ideas. Today we take a look at 10 different bedroom designs, and ideas for amazing beds to inspire your very own heavenly bed. Imitate one of these beds and turn your dream of a deep sleep into a reality!

1. Odd Shapes

If you have a loft space like this one, then consider using it as a bedroom. A place that doesn't require much head room, you can turn the low ceilings and short walls into a cozy sleeping corner. Add a round bed like this and it will become an architectural attraction. Carpets, warm lighting and plush textiles will make any brick and concrete room cozy and perfect for hibernation. 

2. Soft And Sensual

A warm duvet, plenty of fluffy pillows and soft sheets will make any bed inviting and will be sure to keep you in there for a long time. This elegant bed takes the level of luxury that little bit further with the padded headboard and cashmere throw. Make your bed somewhere soft and sensual and you will definitely go to bed early every night! 

3. Float On Air

This unusual and colourful bed takes the idea of sleeping on cloud nine quite literally. A beautiful wooden base is strung up by thick ropes on each corner, letting it hang in mid air. If you have a strong ceiling with plenty of support then why not try this fun design? With the red velvet curtains, the pale blue linen and green blocks hidden in the base, this is an eclectic, playful bed perfect for someone with a love for boho style.  

4. Refined Rustic

Built from large slabs of natural wood, and metal pillars, this bed is sturdy and rustic. The bedcover is kept simple in natural linen, and texture is added with the playful faux fur cushion covers. The 'cowboy on a prairie' feel is completed with matching wooden shelves and animal horns hanging above the bed. Suit your bed to your personal style and it will soon become your favourite place to be.

5. A Romantic Retreat

If you have the space to create a total sleeping paradise like this bedroom designed by MAREINES+PATALANO ARQUITETURA then go for it. Because bedrooms don't require much lighting, they are the perfect place to try out dark walls, mood lighting and special features, like the incredible wooden panelling here. Focus your bedroom style on comfort, romance and glamour and you will have somewhere special.

6. Urban Design

Wooden palettes are one of the most useful things to have when decorating a bedroom. Usually easy to find second hand from supermarkets, they are versatile, multi-functional and cheap. Here they are used as a bed base and head board, proving not only to be stylish, but also practical—perfect for raising a futon up off the floor to keep it dry and warm. Wither paint them to match your decor, or keep them natural for a casual, urban look. 

7. Make The Separation

This cozy bedroom doesn't even have permanent walls, yet it is able to be fully shut off from the rest of the house. Built up on a base of wooden palettes that are painted white and surrounded by white sliding doors, this little sleeping cocoon is private and peaceful. Having a visual boundary around your bed helps shut out the 'noise' and mess of the house so you can really concentrate on resting. 

8. Innovative And Industrial

There are so many great features in this industrial inspired bedroom that you can easily make yourself. The raised wooden base with lighting installed underneath and inbuilt draws can be easily done with the help of a carpenter. The floating stairs leading to the mezzanine level are not hard to imitate. That eye-catching headboard with matching bed cover, you could attempt to make at home. Even the vibrant artwork hanging on the walls are DIY friendly. Give it a go yourself! 

9. Visions Of The Future

Wow! This is a stunning look that doesn't require much. Thanks to some unusual colors, beautiful design and an amazing feature wall, this bedroom is effortlessly stylish. If you find unusual furniture like this emerald bed base and sleek hanging lampshades, then let them be the stand out pieces. Use symmetry and simplicity to your advantage and your bedroom will be elegant, effortless and memorable. 

For tips on how to create your own futuristic bedroom look, check these out

10. Once Upon A Time

A four poster bed always impresses, and this one goes above and beyond. Either suited to one very lucky girl, or for the wistful romantic dreamer, this candy coloured fairytale bedroom is incredible. If this suits your style, then go for heavy curtaining with tassels and tie backs, and use plenty of luscious fabrics like silk, taffeta, velvet, satin and thick cottons. This will make your room look expensive, divine and alluring. 

We just love that emerald green bed in Number 9. What one would you pick?

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